by: Hannah Brown

Stuff that happen in 2002

  1. In 2002 gas per gallon cost $1.35

  2. The top song in 2002 was “How You Remind Me” by: Nickelback

  3. The top artist of the year in 2002 was Pink and Nelly

  4. Technology that came out in 2002 was “The Nokia 7650”

  5. Fashion trends in 2002 were… when Christina Aguilera decided that a scarf and a belt constituted a full outfit.

  6. In 2002 was a year of chopsticks in messy buns.

  7. The president in 2002 was George W. Bush

  8. Wars in 2002 were… Algerian Civil War, Sierra Leone Civil War, Perejil Island crisis, Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines, Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa, First Ivorian Civil War

  9. Jan 8th president George W. Bush signs into law “No Child Left Behind Act”.

  10. Jan 9th Michael Jackson receives the Artist of the Century award at the American music awards.

  11. Feb 17th 44th Daytona 500: Ward Burton wins

  12. American Idol came out in 2002

  13. Kim Possible came out in 2002

  14. Jimmy Neutron came out in 2002

  15. Max and Ruby came out in 2002

  16. Cyberchase came out in 2002

  17. Fillmore came out in 2002

  18. Lilo and Stitch came out in 2002

  19. Dora the Explorer was 2 years old

  20. I was born
Nickelback - How You Remind Me
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