Racism in America

What was life like for black Americans?


In America segregation was a massive problem, White people were seen as more superior to blacks and for this reason racism was a horrible , unfair thing to happen. Employee's may run an all-white policy in their company meaning that they wont employ any black people. This means that many blacks were poor. On Buses the white people sat at the front and if there was room left the black people could go on but they had to sit at the back. In 1955 Rosa Parks decided to sit in the front of the bus. This was her way of standing up to racism. Black people had different drinking fountains to the white and often they would be less clean and poorly built. People thought that the blacks were coloured because god wanted to punish them and they were dirty.

Pain and Suffering

Many white people went around towns and citties to terroise blacks. One famous gang that did this was the Ku Klux Klan , they dressed up in white and eventually killed the blacks that they tortured. Many were lynched.Punishment included castration, being chained to something, being burn't and many more unpleasant experiences. This was unfair and in some states even today the KKK are still terrorising blacks. The most famous historical person who stood up against rasicm in America is Martin Luther King Jr.