Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Dermatologists Transform Ordinary Looks Into Unparalleled Glamour

(Gold Coast, QLD) February 7, 2013 – Gone are the days of scalpels and stitches and painful procedures done in the name of beauty. At the Boutique of Cosmetic Dermatology, looks as well as lives are being transformed every day with the aid of technologically advanced methods that rejuvenate as well as accentuate the natural appeal of the human form.

Among the many services offered at the Boutique of Cosmetic Dermatology, Cosmetic Tattooing and Gel Nails are among the most popular, and rightly so. Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as “permanent makeup” is a means of creating subtle visual enhancements that remove years and add stunning appeal to facial features. Services offered at the Boutique include eyebrow creation, lip-line creation, permanent eye liner and beauty spots.

One of the appeals to Cosmetic Tattooing is that unlike traditional tattoos, the method used by cosmetic dermatologists, called Pigment Implantation, does eventually wear off. On average, a Cosmetic Tattoo will last upwards of three years, making room for changing styles, fashion trends or changes in personal taste.

Another popular service offered at the Boutique is the application of Gel Nails. The difference between Gel Nails and the standard acrylic nails used in most nail salons lies in their overall appearance and feel. Gel Nails more closely resemble natural nails than do acrylics making them an attractive option for many clients.

Gel Nails are a very versatile option in artificial nails. They can be painted and airbrushed in a number of ways and they are ideal for any number of styles including French Tips. They are durable, but also soft and flexible to the touch. The best way to care for Gel Nails is to regard them as real and care for them accordingly. This will cause them to last longer and resist chipping and breaking.

The Boutique of Cosmetic Dermatology is open to the public and welcomes inquiries on the services they offer via e-mail or phone. They are currently booking for these as well as the many other services they perform.

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