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Azucena's Law Firm is here to satisfy your needs. Lets say someone decided to put a plaintiff on you, we got your back. We make sure our service is on point to the defendants' needs. Filed a complaint on someone and want to take it to court, we also got your back!

Everybody's Welcome !

Azucena's Law Firm makes sure that everybody's pleads are heard and never ignored. We arrange summons for people that are serious and determined for their voice to be heard in court. We also hold pretrial conference for people in order to hear their case out and better prepare them for trial. We make sure the cases have good preponderance of evidence which is important to have in the lawsuit since it shows that you have good evidence in order for you to be the one who comes out winning the trial.

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May All Your Wishes Come True ;)

Not Satisfied ??

We always want to think that we have sought good mediation on the cases and that we also have arbitrations with all of our clients and the case turned out to be successful, but if your needs were not met and you're unhappy with the verdict that was given then we will refund everything and even try to appeal your case for you !