The Destruction of World War 1

December 10, 2014

When They Fell

Reasons for starting wars are different everywhere, but normally their are always more than just one reason. The reasons World war 1 arent very different from any of the other war. Their are militaristic reasons, alliance, nationalism, imperialism, and also the assassination of Archduke Ferdinard.


As the war was commencing military's started gaining more weapon supplies, more available troops, and more money. As countries were gaining more equipment other countries were becoming threatened. They saw everyone becoming more advanced and thought that the people with the most/ newest weaponry and money could have the upper hand. Everyone became worried so they added a lot more to their side to make them seem wealthy and superior. Everyone was afriad that the biggest and best country would create a surprise attack and it would create a chain reaction.
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In my opinion alliances was the biggest reason for the war. First of all, Alliances are when different countries make treaties with each other and agreements. It states that if one country was brought into war with another country other places that signed a treaty to help was automatically brought into the war. I think it's the real reason for the war because let's say France and Germany started a war, the people who signed treaties with them had to come help their side even if they didn't want to. Alot of peoples lives were lost because of signing a treaty and it wasn't nessasary. So if almost everyone has signed a treaty that all connected with one place basically everyone would be at war.
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Personally I think that nationalism is also a big cause. It was when countries believe that their beliefs are stronger and more important to another country. They all thought that they are better because of what they had in their land or what everyone thought. Everyone thought that their way was better and everyone should follow their lead. They figured that they all should be the leader or in control of everyone because of what they have surrounding them. They basically all think they have better and more natural resources, newest technology, and like said earlier, militarism. So they would all start fighting to see who was better by whatever they had/believed, and whoever won was basically better. So all country's thought that they were better than another so that started a war.
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Imperialism is basically expanding, spreading out, and moving forward in the world. So when we are talking about imperialism we are basically meaning exploring/moving to new territories. Many different places wanted to move to different places and claim it as theirs. So as you expand you can rule over more land and have more resources, and basically everyone wanted that so they fought as many people as they needed to, to get what they wanted. No one wanted to share with anyone, so they fought for it and no cared who was left behind.
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Archduke franz ferdinard

This man was another big cause of world war 1, because he was soon to become "royalty" of Austria. Tragically on June 14 right before he became leader he was shot. He was assassinated by a Seberian man named Gavrilo Princip. Sadly that day his wife died with him, and they were shot in broad daylight in their street car. This made many people angry, so like anyone else, they wanted revenge. The killing made many upset so they went into war taking it out on anyone who deserved it, thus tying into World War 1.
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