October 17-Mariner Matters

What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.

Shout outs

Taryn Gill and Kendra Riggsbee for already having kids complete quizzes in Big Universe. Debbie Via and Rebecca Tompkins for assigning books in Big Universe.


I am sorry the copier has been such a pain to use and the codes have arrived on them weeks after he spoke with us. I am hoping this will get easier as we use the copier but I can already tell you in two days we have saved 1,000 sheets of paper.

Lesson plans

Lesson plans have really looked great the last couple of weeks. Thank you for being tightly planned. It makes a difference when you and the children know what will be happening in the classroom.

Laminating film

Rebecca has ordered more laminating film. Please be mindful of what really needs to be laminated.

I can statements

Please don't forget to have your "I can" statements up daily.

Sewer system

Maintenance has reported that our toilet system is backing up because of flushing feminine products down toilets. Please wrap the feminine product in wrapper/tissue and throw in the trashcan.


As a part of AdvancEd process, all stakeholders will complete surveys. At the next staff meeting I will share some of the requirements including student surveys which students will also have to take.

Open Enrollment

Please remember Open Enrollment is going on now for all employees. If you do not select a plan you will automatically go on the 70/30 plan.

Bus 19

Below are listed the teachers scheduled for Bus 19 "Run B" supervision the week of October 17-21. Thank you again to everyone for your support in helping to ensure the safety of the students in the afternoon:

100 Hallway - Ms. Holmberg

200 Hallway - Ms. Martin

300 Hallway & Mobiles - Ms. McNish

Building Open-Sunday

The building will be open Sunday from at least 9am-11am. Chatham church will be here participating in a beautification day.


PBIS team will meet Monday at 3:30pm in the Guidance office.

Instructional Assistant meeting-Wednesday

There will be a meeting of instructional assistants on Tuesday at 2pm in the Discovery Lab.

PLC meetings-Tue. &Thur.

We will be meeting in PLCs this week. I am looking for more time to support PLCs in time and planning. Agenda will be uploaded this weekend.

STEM committee-Thursday

The STEM committee will be meeting on Thursday in Ms. Seveloviz's room.


Don't let the STEM Fair slip up on you. It will be here before you know it.

Class websites

If you haven't done so, start cleaning up your class website. I am sure that will be a part of the AdvancEd look through when they visit the district. Taryn will do an update refresher session and have a session for new teachers new to PHS on how to build their website.