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Week 1-New Camp, New Goals, New You!

Fall brings about a change in the air, in the leaves and this is a good time to re-focus the changes you want to see take place both physically and mentally. Do you hit the snooze a few times before getting up for 6am. Do you get too busy to come to the 9am and has your day already felt long enough and to go to the 5:30pm class sounds like a challenge??

If you answered yes to any of the above it is time to set some mental challenges and hold yourself accountable to what you want to see in the next couple of months.

Planning and scheduling your workouts just like the rest of your day is proven to keep you on track. Commit to working out with a friend or just write it down on a sticky note and stick it in your bathroom. What ever it takes, make it happen and don't give up. If it were easy everyone would do it and making changes as a group has never been more fun.

Lindsay and I look forward to seeing you all next week as we start a new 5 week camp. If you have not registered do it now!

Week 1 classes will be held at:

6am and 9am classes-
Monday and Friday will be meeting at River Bend Park.
Tuesday and Thursday we will be meeting at Quail park

5:30 p.m. class-
Monday classes will be held at Quail Park
Thursday classes will be held at River Bend Park

New Registration

Thank you guys for your patience as we have worked to switch over our new registration platform. The new platform was created to make it easier for both you, the athlete, and us, the trainers as we want to be able to plan and provide the best workouts geared to the total number of athletes attending each class.

If you have not gone in and created a profile please do so. It will at least help you get checked in for the classes you attend until you are able to go through the process on your own. Thank you for your help as we make this transition.

You can create a profile here
Below is a picture of the page you will need to access to sign up.
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No Grains Challenge is closing out next week.

We extended the No-Grains challenge one additional week as to continue to prompt you to make those changes. Whether you challenged yourself to a full week, a day or an every other day challenge staying mindful was our goal and the amount of feedback we have received has been great. Winners will be announced on Monday so stay tuned.

There are new challenges coming up. What types of challenges would you like to see? e-mail us at:
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We are super proud to share our fit group of athletes to everyone! you guys rock!!!