Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

April 25- May 6


May 3 - 6th Grade FORWARD Testing

May 4- 6th Grade FORWARD Testing- Need Headphones or ear buds (We have some if needed)

May 4- Kona Ice

6th Grade

Last week we talked about informational text and text structures. We looked at how information is best displayed in their writing. Their rough drafts were to be done by Monday, May 2. I broke that down for them. This meant that with the class time that I gave them, they only had to write three paragraphs a class period. I was a little shocked by how many students didn't get there rough drafts finished on time. I have included this as an assignment in Skyward so that you can see where your child is at with their rough draft.

This week we are going to work on writing our introduction and conclusion to the book, as well as, editing and fine tuning our paper.

7th Grade

Last week we started to look at the structure of our Competitive Sports paper. We took some time to look at, not only how to structure the paper, but also how to build an analysis of the evidence to the claim that was hard to dispute.

This week we are going to be fine tuning the structure of our paper. This will be a grade in the gradebook, which you will see in about a week or so.

Next, students will be selecting from a list of topics. I will be telling them if they are pro or con. They will then be researching facts and writing a paper on the topic.