PTHS Summer Reading 2019

Pequannock reads in the summer!

Summer reading is an opportunity to keep your brain engaged and maintain previously learned academic skills. It gives you the freedom to establish a life-long reading habit, a disposition common to successful men and women across all occupations and cultures. It's a way to laugh, cry, and make sense of the world, on your terms from books that you are passionate about reading. It's about finishing one great book after another, all summer long. Summer reading is your opportunity to invest in you.

PRinTS is a district-wide initiative to encourage students to read and invest in themselves throughout the summer. The PTHS English Department is continuing to offer choice books for summer reading. This will offer students opportunity to enrich their reading lives and writing skills. The expectation is that students will choose a book, from the suggestions provided or an appropriate grade-level recommendation. We encourage you to select a text that will be of high interest to you. Even though the requirement is one book, we are encouraging the continuation of reading more than one text throughout the summer and into the upcoming school year.

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One Book Community Read

One Book Community Read is a simple idea designed to foster a sense of community by bringing people together through literature.

We selected the book Walking to Listen, by Andrew Forsthoefel, because we believe it can serve as a springboard for discussing how listening can be used to bridge divides. One big idea from the book comes from this quote: “when you see everyone as your equal and your teacher, the world becomes an astonishing place.”

-Pequannock, Lincoln Park & Riverdale.

Shared Characteristic Groupings

The following recommended books are award-winning and noteworthy titles written expressly for young adults. In addition, a number of titles written for adults, while noted as having special appeal for young adults, are interspersed within "like characteristic" groupings.

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*Note: Each title only appears in one shared characteristic grouping even if sharing characteristics of titles in multiple categories.

One Book Read-a-Likes: Inspired Journeys

Activism & Resistance

Facing Racism

Immigrant Experiences

Refugee Stories

Beating all odds

Sports Fans

Modern Retellings

Hip Hop Culture

WWII: Unsung Heroes and Untold Stories

Family Secrets

For Game of Thrones Fans

What we do for love

Loyalty & Suspense

More than mental illness

Humor & Heartache

Rise Up: Countering Sexual Abuse

Drugs: Abuse & Addiction

Read for free all summer long!


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NY Times Summer Reading Contest

Participate in The 10th Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest: June 14- August 23. See past winners here.

All PTHS students and staff are welcome to use PTHS's Academic Pass for unlimited New York Times access throughout the summer. If you've yet to do so, create an account using your school gmail address. Your academic account can also be used for mobile access.