Alamo Run

Everything you need to know about the Alamo-in one game!


Be the last man standing or be the first to make it out of the Alamo!


  • Alamo Run game board
  • Two Dice
  • Texas Defender Characters
  • Mystery Cards
  • Movement Cards
  • Trivia Cards
  • Player Cards

Set Up

Place cards on specific designations.

Pick a character and place on starting line, moving all other characters out of play.

Each player begins with five bullets, a musket, and a damaged sword.

Game Play

  • Player 1 picks a movement card and does exactly what the card says. Players 2, 3, 4, 5 do the same.
  • Player 1 rolls die and moves however many spaces specified. If they land on a marked spot, then pick the card specified on spot, and follow instructions as explained.
  • Player 2 rolls die and moves specified spaces, and so forth for the rest of the players.

Mexican Troop Fight

If you land on a "Mexican Troop" spot, you are in battle. You must use one bullet to kill the troop and move on regularly. If you do not have any bullets left, you've died, and you are out of the game.

If you have an ally or a horse, you can sacrifice it. For instance, if you don't have any bullets left, then you can exchange an ally's life for yours, and move on as normal.

Trivia Round

Trivia Round is a portion of the game where all spaces are Trivia Cards. In this part, you may only use one dice to roll.

The only way to avoid Trivia Round is to get a shortcut to the Battle Zone earlier in the game.

Battle Zone

Battle Zone is a part of the game where all of the spaces are battle spots. You may only use one dice to roll.

The only way to avoid the Battle Zone is to avoid the shortcut and go through the Trivia Round.

Player Cards

For keeping score of how many bullets you have.

Mystery Cards

  • Gives a random item that will assist you during the war.
  • If you acquire a horse, it will assist you by giving you +2 spaces on every roll (for example, if you roll a six, you are allowed to move eight spaces) and an extra life.
  • If you acquire an ally, he will assist you by giving you an extra life.

Movement Cards

  • Tells you you can either take a shortcut- only if you roll a snake-eyes (1,1; 2,2; 3,3; so on)- or keep moving forward regularly.
  • On particular movement cards, danger could occur, and if you don't roll a snake-eyes, then you die, and you're out.

Trivia Cards

Gives you a quiz about what happens during the war. If you answer correctly, you will receive a prize that will assist you in battle.


The first person to make it to the break in the wall wins, or be the last one standing.