Video Games.

Should kids under 18 have video game time limits

Introdction aboat video games.

Video games were created in 1958 so teen would stay of the roads. Some people think that there kids need video games are needed in life . But they don't know the bad side of video games. Parents should know when to turn of child's video games because kids don't know when to stop playing videogames.

The health can be effected.

  • Studies show Elementary kids who play video games more than 2 hours a day are 67% more likely than there peers to have attention problems
  • Your brain thinks video games are cocaine.
  • You could have photosensitive epileptic seizures (rarely but happens.)

There daily life can be different

Web md says video games can do this

  • It makes kids anti-social.
  • Kid can start avoiding homework.
  • Most kids avoid or give up hobbies such as reading or going out side.

video games impact your impact your emotions

According to the learning network video games can :

  • Video games make you sad.
  • Video games make you shy.
  • Video games make you mad or agresive.