Present Perfect Fun


Mine is bigger

Students make present perfect questions and try to extend them by adding language. You can use telescopic text for this exercise. Here is an example.

Map my world

Students leave notes on the map telling the world about the places they have been to and have never been to. They can even add a photos. Here are my examples.

Only I have

Students use their Edmodo accounts to chat with their classmates and try to find things they have done and no one else in the class has. They use Checkthis social posters to share their sentences. Here is an example.

I feel ...

Students use to make interesting videos (there are so many interesting effects that they can use) saying I feel _________ because I have_________ and miming the activity. They can upload their videos to youtube or simply share them on their Edmodo accounts. Later the rest of the class tries to guess how they feel and what they have been doing. Her is my example:
I feel..

I feel rested because I have been sleeping.

I have lied

Students make a recording stating three things that they have done.Two things must be true and one is a lie. The rest of the class has to guess which sentence is a lie. They can use their mobile phones for the voice recordings or they can use audioboo which is great since they can add and record comments.