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The Student Perspective

Field trips!

This week and last week, we had two field trips! The on-site field trip was from Lawrence Hall of Science where we explored gases and reviewed the states of matter. We got to play with dry ice and place it in hot or cold water to see the changes in the states of matter. We then identified different properties such as an acidity test, flammability test and floating and sinking test to see what type of gas or atom the dry ice was made out of. We discovered that dry ice is made from carbon dioxide gas, what we breath out. So cool!

This week we went to the U.C. Davis Department of Anthropology and learned about what archeologists do and also about how we can come to know about Early Americans. There were several arrowheads, tools, pieces of pottery, bones, plants and other artifacts that we could look at and touch. Overall, it was very interesting to link it to our studies on Native Americans that we are learning about in our social studies class!


By Lombiso

In P.E we did are mile run this week. We didn't know that we would do it. In music we are making are own songs. In fierce we worked on team work. We bult rockets out of marshmallows, spaghetti, and tiny marshmallows. In art, we learned how to draw horses. We all did a great job. I'd give us an A. Because of Halloween in library we listened to spooky stories. Last in Spanish class we did a review for are Spanish quiz/test and that is a rap.

Science and Social Studies

By Carson and Emma

Our class has been focusing on our tribe project in social study's and it is so fun! We all got to pick a tribe from different regions in the United States. Mrs. L signed us up for our own Smore account where we are creating a Smore for our Native American project. All of the research we completed last week we are now compiling into paragraphs online, along with our own illustrations and pictures we find on our tribe. What is nice, is that we can also access our Smore at home.

In Science this week and last, we got to identify atoms and molecules and built common molecules out of gumdrops. This week we explored chemical changes to molecules through some lab experiments. It was cool to see the color changes, gas produced, foaming of the liquids and powders as they were combined.

Language arts

By Ellie

This week in language arts, completed a project on the book foe Zlata's Diary, Number The Stars, and Bud Not Buddy. For the project the book groups worked together and independently on mini-activities to show character, plot,theme. Many student chose to make a wanted poster a novel and a little thing that you can do a rap or a little summary and more. This are all linked back to the Depth and Complexity icons. In writing, we are also starting a Fractured Fairytale, which is a story close to an original fairytale, but can be from another perspective or many of the plot elements or story elements changed.


By Emika

In the math classes we are learning division let's see what the other classes have been doing:

In Mrs.Neu's class, they did dividing by 2-digit numbers and estimating divisors and dividends. They also started dividing by 4-digit numbers.

In Mrs.Reuter class they did dividing and estimating with compatible numbers. They also did finding extra and missing info in word problems.

In Mrs.Laudato's class we did dividing by 2-digit numbers, finding the extra and missing info in word problems. We also did remainders and how to convert decimals from a calculator to a answer to a division problem. We mostly did dividing by 2-digit numbers and review on division and multiplication.

All classes took a test this week on Topic 5.

School Wide Goals In Our Classroom

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