Ecology Scavenger Hunt

By: Adam Singer, Avery Sharkey, Jamia Mosby

Biotic and Abiotic

Autotroph and Heterotroph

Predator and Prey Relationship


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This is an example of mutualism because the lady bugs eat the aphids off of the grass. It's a win win situation because the lady bug gets food and the bugs get removed from the grass.,


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This is an example of commensalism because the fungus gets a place to grow and the tree is not harmed


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This is an example of parasitism because the weeds are in the way of the plants and are taking their water.

Food Chain

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Secondary Consumer

Carbon Cycle

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A cars exhaust puts Carbon Dioxide back into the environment.

Nitrogen Cycle

Water Cycle

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Transpiration: during transpiration the roots of a plant take in water and it's vapor is released into the atmosphere

Precipitation: rain

Evaporation: the change from liquid to gas

Condensation: water that collects on a cold surface when it's hot