By: Emma Boudreau

What Is Globalization?

Globalization is when all around the world communication is shared between countries. Countries can share technology, environment, economics, and culture. The United States needs other countries support and resources to help us. Just like other countries need the United States to help them. Through globalization people all around the world can experience what it is like in other places besides where they live.

Pros and Cons of Globalization


Pro- In factories and in businesses machines can get the job done fast.

Con- Those machines that get the job done fast are cutting down job opportunities for people all around the world.


Pro- Genetically modified seeds make it easier for the seeds to grow so that they are all the same.

Con- Smog factories make the environment dirty (pollution).


Pro- In impoverished countries people get a chance to make money for their families and it is providing jobs for people.

Con- Corporations make all the profit while workers do all the work and get paid very very low.


Pro- Opportunities are brought to nations by creating more jobs especially women.

Con- Impoverished people take advantage of low wages.


Geography impacts where, how, and why people live where they do because a lot of what people are able to do in their region come from geography. For example, many of the physical features in New Hampshire near where we live are good for both entertainment and natural resources that provide for us. At any time we could go up to the mountains or over to the beach within 45 minutes.

Unit 1 Six Word Story

Globalization and Geography impact everyday life. Meaning that no matter where you live or where you are geography and people and things around the world will affect you.

Highway Transportation in the United States

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This is a map of transportation in the United States. As you can see there is many different kinds of high way routes in the United States. In the world there are many other highway transportation systems.

Globalization and Me

I am a part of globalization. I live in New Hampshire because of my parents. They chose to live in New Hampshire for many factors. My parents have always lived in New Hampshire and grew up in Nashua. They decided to move from Nashua because they knew they wanted a family and they didn't really like the Nashua school district. They moved to Hooksett where they knew had good education and was a great family oriented town. I have always lived in New Hampshire and have never lived anywhere else. I love New Hampshire. I am an hour away from everything and there is such pretty scenery and we have all different types of weather in New Hampshire.

How Does Globalization Apply to What We Buy?

Jeans are items that are bought every day. They are sold all over in different retailers. For example American Eagle and Hollister. These jeans don't get made here in the United States they are made all over the world in factories in different countries. For example, American Eagle's jeans travel all over the world before they are shipped back to stores to be sold. They are made in Indonesia factories.


Economy is the finances of a country. The ability to use globalization is important to the economy of many countries. People travel all around the world and with that comes how people pay to get to and from those places. People pay lots of money to go visit other countries. Also because of globalization countries can gain revenue. Trade is an example of this. Countries trade different products and then sell them to make money which uses communication with other countries.


Technology is devices that make tasks easier. Many advancements in technology have been made and globalization is used to spread them around. For example, the IPhone was created here in the United States by Steve Jobs and then he made it global by selling his product to other countries. Technology is a big part in how we communicate with people and because of things like e-mail, social media, and IPhones people in one country can communicate with people who live miles away.


Anything anyone does affects the environment in some way. So globalization affects the environment. The world around us is our environment and we have to keep it clean. Globalization can help our environment and it can also hurt it. When people use fossil fuels they burn into the environment causing pollution and pollution is bad for the environment which affects the whole world.


Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, food, social groups, and culture. Through globalization, people all around the world can experience different cultures and different forms of life. Culture can include many different customs and in those customs come holidays and family/country traditions. For example, here in America we celebrate many religious holidays that countries all around the world also celebrate. Globalization has made the spread of many things including customs from one spot in the world to now many paces because of it.

How Does Globalization Affect Me?

I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life. I think New Hampshire is beautiful, but living in one place for so long has made me want to explore somewhere else. Because there is globalization, I am able to travel other places around the world and experience new things that I wouldn't be able to do before. When I am older I plan on traveling to other places around the world but still live in New Hampshire. I will maybe get a summer house someplace warm and tropical and then stay in New Hampshire for the rest of the year because of the wonderful weather we get.

Globalization Six Word Story

Globalization affects everyone around the world. This six word story means that not one person on planet earth is not affected by globalization. Everyone is affected by it and part of it.