How To Kill A Mockingbird

What Is Prejudice?

Prejudice means to make someone sway their opinion or influence them towards a decision or a certain way of living. Prejudice is best defined as groundless and often a negative attitude towards members of a group.

What They Were Prejudice About

The people who were prejudice in the 1930's were white people towards the black. In that time is when people started to become racist and segregation began.

Who was prejudice

The white people were prejudice because some of them were out of jobs. They wanted everything for themselves. They made the black people suffer more than the white people.

When were white people prejudice

During the 1930's to 1940's was when the white people made the black people's life miserable.There was so much discrimination and it made everything worse

Where it happened

Most of the people who were being prejudice were in the south. But it also happened to some people in the north. It made them get put on the street and starve.

Why the white people were prejudice

The white people wanted everything for themselves. They made it the worst time ever for black people and poor people. Only 30% of white people were out of jobs and 50% of black people didn't have jobs.

How The Whites Were Prejudice

The white people were prejudice by kicking the black people out of their jobs to make room for themselves. And, the result of this horrendous action caused many blacks to live on the street and die of starvation. The whites decided to make separate facilities such as, schools, bathrooms, and restaurants.