Is this Me or Not I think it is?

whitney harpole

My set of descriptive words !

  • shy
  • weird
  • athletic
  • quiet
  • sweet
  • short
  • love learning
  • goody too shoes
  • laugh a lot
  • not open with feelings

My hobbies!

My hobbies are playing softball, basketball, and volleyball. My other hobbie is to cheer.

The biggest influences on me are?

My parents are my biggest influences on me they push me to do better than i think i can do on whatever i am trying to do. My brother is my other influence he wants me to go to collage and get a good paying job .

places i have been that have impacted me and why ?

I have been to Oklahoma and it impacted me because it was my grandparents land and my grandparents aren't doing so well anymore it just helped me find myself and become the person i am.

My favorite quote is

My favorite quote is "Being Normal Is Boring!" ~ Marilyn Monroe . It fits me because i'm not normal and i do think normal is boring.