Vehicle Exhaust Fumes

By, Alex Gille

Effects on you

If you didnt know this already, vehicle fumes can make you severly sick. If you are around diesel fumes very often, you can get lung cancer. There is many different organics and materials that can get into your system and hurt you. Anything that is less than 1 micron can be swallowed. Many organics that are in diesel fumes are under 1 micron. This means you will be inhaling bad chemicals.

Effects on environment

We all know what vehicle fumes do to the environment, they can kill many things that provide us with oxygen such as trees. Now I want you to picture a life with out trees, oh? You can't? Exactly, if there was not trees there would be no life on earth. Electric cars, they create a whole new way to get rid of half of our worlds pollution. That's it, now I know we won't go 100% on electric cars, but even 25% would make a large difference.
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Dump Dirty Diesels Campaign with the ad slogan in 1996: "Standing behind this bus could be more dangerous than standing in front of it."

diesel smoke