Bynagle Bulletin

Update for the week of September 1

FIELD TRIP! Wednesday September 4, 2013

In Science we have been exploring molecules. We have been using water as the medium for our molecule discoveries. A trip to the City of Homer water treatment and sewage treatment fascility seems to be a perfect addition to this topic. The questions for this week are, "How do molecules break down? What are we left with whem molecules break apart? If I find chemistry to be a field I would like to study, what jobs are there for me?" The completion of this unit will lead us to an exploration of atoms and energy.

It is important that all students dress appropriately for the weather as we will be walking a mile to the fascility. This is probably not the best field trip to wear fancy clothing to...

Reading, Writing, and Math


Conversation has been lively in our ongoing study of the book Wonder. One of the things that students have mentioned to us is that they don't know the appropriate ways to respond to seeing other students doing the wrong thing. For instance, "What if we see someone doing the wrong thing at the park? What do I do?" One student said, "I know right from wrong, but what do I do when I see someone being wrong?"

We thought a good way for them to gain tools that will help them in middle school hallways and high school was to have some high achieving high school seniors from the Rec Room come in to the class to talk to our class about standing up for others and being heroic in their own ways.

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6th graders are studying long division and exponents. 5th graders are studying place value.

Multiplication facts and the memorization of them are CRITICAL! We are going to be practicing and reinforcing these facts until we feel that everyone has a handle on them. Practicing them at home will expedite this process.

Biographical Sketches

We are continuing our writing practice by getting to know our classmates better. We are interviewing each other and writing paragraphs about our discoveries. The hallway in front of our class is becoming an amazing gallery of our portraits, philosophies and discoveries of each other. Come by and have a look!