March Family Newsletter


Dear Marthasville Students and Families,

3rd quarter is approaching quickly and with that brings Spring conferences, Family Fun Night, Book Fair, Spring Break! The last day of 3rd quarter is March 16th. Report Cards will be sent home on March 29th. We are excited about the progress our Blue Jays are making this year. Your children are making great gains in both Reading and Math concepts and we look forward to the continued growth. One easy way to support growth at home is reading with/to your child, practicing math facts, and giving opportunities to apply skills in real world experiences (cooking, gardening, shopping/budgeting, sending cards and letters in the mail, etc.). Learning opportunities are literally EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it takes a minute to stop and realize just how many ways we can enrich our kids' lives academically, even outside the classroom. If you are in need of more ideas or strategies, please reach out! Family Fun Night is coming soon! Please consider joining us Thursday, 3/9 for some awesome stations to unwind and have fun together. Our staff has a ton of exciting activities planned. Don't forget to turn in your family's RSVP. If you would like another copy, let the office know, or send me an email.

February Attendance Recap




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PTG Trivia Night

We have 10 tables left to fill for Trivia Night. Please use the link below to grab a table!

Happy March!!

Most Caring,

Mrs. Kristen Daffron


Marthasville Elementary

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Work Force Connections with Mrs. B

Each month, our students participate in Character Education assemblies. We focus on our character word of the month, while also learning about community service, service learning, and work force connections along with student relationship building.

We are always looking for new guest speakers! If you are interested in speaking at one of our character assemblies (15-20 minutes) about your job or community involvement, reach out to Mrs. Busekrus at

We appreciate your partnership!

Kephart Communications March 2023

Dr. Kephart Communication

Visit the district's homepage to view monthly communication from our Superintendent, Dr. Kephart.

PTG Meetings

PTG Meetings are held once a month at 6:00 (except January and May) in the conference room. We are always looking for new and fresh faces and ideas to support our school!

Here are the dates:

March 28, 2023

April 25, 2023

NO May Meeting

June planning meeting (TBD)

No July Meeting

PTG Meeting Minutes

Marthasville PTG Agenda Feb 28th 2023

Attendance: Mrs. Daffron, Lea Welter, Mrs. Mebruer, Stacie Chapman, Mrs. Obermark, Elizabeth Voss, Abby Rinne

  • Call the Meeting to Order - 6:06pm

  • Approval of Nov 22, 2022 meeting minutes

    • 1st - Elizabeth

    • 2nd - Stacie

  • Approval of Jan 24, 2023 meeting minutes

    • 1st - Lea

    • 2nd - Abby

  • Approval of Financial Report

    • Started month at $14, 450; 2 checks written and one deposit ending month with $14,436

    • 1st - Mrs. Daffron

    • 2nd - Abby

  • PTG Yearly Nomination for Officers

    • Will be going out in March. Due back by April 3rd.

    • Officers will be voted on at the April 25th PTG meeting.

    • Lea will print out next week and copies will be sent home with all the children.

    • Mrs. Daffron will make a google form and include information on the March newsletter.

    • Volunteer position added so people realize that they do not have to hold an officer position to be involved.

  • Fundraisers-

    • Dine To Donate-

      • February 23, 2023 - Moe’s

      • All day event 11am-8pm

      • Have not received final numbers yet.

    • Movie Night

      • March 31, 2023 doors open at 6pm, movie at 630pm

      • Movie: The Bad Guys. Will raffle off at the end.

      • The movie is based off of a book series. Will get two of the books to raffle off as well.

      • Food options: nachos, hotdogs, capri suns, water, popcorn, chips, candy

      • Will get two students from 6th grade leadership to help

      • Lea is making the flyer to be sent home with the students.

      • Lea is not available that evening. Mrs. Daffron and Stacie will be there.

      • Mrs. Daffron will check to see if we have coolers to use for the drinks.

      • Lea will get ice.

    • Show Me Dough Fundraiser

      • Sell from Feb 27th to March 10th

      • Forms have been delivered.

      • Only 5 or 6 kids have had a link created.

      • Delivery March 31 at 2pm to the school. Parents can choose to have orders sent home with students or to pick up directly from school.

      • The delivery comes presorted for each order.

      • Mrs. Daffron will take the lead for this fundraiser.

      • Lea will send Mrs. Daffron the link to submit the final order.

    • Trivia Night

      • The Marthasville Community Club has been secured for Trivia Night on April 22nd 2023. We did make the payment for the rental.

      • We need to form a committee for the event

        • Trivia Chair -Lea Welter

          • Payment to the community club for rental ($100)
            and a cleaning deposit($75) was made to MCC.

        • Fundraiser Chair - Elizabeth Voss

        • DJ, Projection, Trivia Questions & Answers - Cassy Timpe

        • Seating arrangements, collecting money for tables - Mrs. Daffron

        • Check in - Stacie Chapman

      • Will need additional help at the event. 50/50. May do a silent auction?

      • Theme: Hollywood Stars

      • Cost: $10/person or $80/table

      • Awards: best table, best dressed

      • Mrs. Bayless was asked to help with decorations through her art class.

      • Open doors at 4:30pm and trivia starts at 6pm.

      • Fundraising - Elizabeth

        • Has 20 basket guarantees

        • Has about 10 other places to visit in person. Will add the Rowdy Rooster to that.

        • Each class will do a theme basket.

        • Has list from last year and will try to get to those places as well.

      • Cassy submitted payment for the DJ. Will need a receipt for that. Waiting to receive powerpoint.

      • Only 4 tables sold so far.

      • Elizabeth donated best table awards.

      • Will need awards for best dressed.

      • Winning table: each person to get a gift card.

      • Cleaning - Need to be cleaned by midnight. Not able to go up the next day.

    • Cassy has set up a fundraiser with ATA.

      • Cassy is taking the lead.

      • Date: May 6, 2023

      • Cost is $20 per child, $14 of each that would be donated to the PTG.

      • They will promote it through their social media.

      • Need to know hours, if there is an age limit, if there is a waiver that has to be completed.

  • Teacher Requests

    • Picnic Benches

      • Replacing boards on the current picnic tables.

      • It would be about $100 to fix our current picnic tables.

      • We would not have to fix it. The school district would fix it.

      • Approval

        • 1st - Elizabeth

        • 2nd - Abby

  • Open Forum

    • Reading Night

      • March 3, 2023 from 5:30-8:30pm

      • Mrs. Daffron will be heading up the booth with some possible teachers.

      • PTG will buy the items or material needed, if needed.

  • Kindergarten Connection

    • Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 from 3pm-6pm

    • Flyers regarding PTG information were handed out to parents.

    • Feedback was that it went well.

  • Climbing Wall

    • Currently fundraising for climbing wall to be installed into the gym.

    • Looking into 8-10 panels with mats. Will work on getting a quote for 10 panels with mats.

    • Each panel is 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide.

    • The mats lock up to cover the panels.

    • Each panel has 60 predrilled holes and 20 grips. The grips can be moved around to make it easier for beginners or harder for more advanced students.

    • Mrs. Daffron got us a grant that if we are a demo school, we get a discount on the price.

    • It is cheaper if the school district installs. They have installed these at the other schools.

    • Everything is covered under insurance.

    • Trivia night fundraising will go towards the climbing wall.

    • Goal to have ordered before the end of the school year or over summer.

  • Obstacle Course-for field day, may rent a obstacle course bounce house

  • Close of Meeting - 6:45pm

  • Next Meeting March 28, 2023 at 6pm