The Leaning Tower of Pisa


A bit of history

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Have you ever wondered how the leaning tower of Pisa got its name, or how the tower got its lean? Well, the leaning tower of pisa is a 655 year old building, that gots it's name from its lean. The tower has many interesting things about itself but the most famous one is its lean.-(

The leaning tower of Pisa is a common monument that many go to. . This tower was built in Piazza del duomo,56126, Pl, Italy on August 9th, 1113, and the creator was Bonanno Pisano. During the construction the tower was just suppose to be a bell tower but when they started the 3rd floor it began to lean in 1178, then this tower became known for its unattended lean.-(

The tower has 8 floors and when it hits the 3rd floor it starts to lean. Pisano started to love how famous this tower was getting. Then he made it kinda like a symbol... He said, "this is a symbol for a mistake that we are all humans and we make mistakes." After that this tower became famous and was at the top .-(

This tower has more than 1000 people visit a day. Pisano didn't let anybody go in it at first but later on people go to go in. The tower is a fantastic monument and leans over to the left. This tower is the 3rd oldest tower with a special lean in Italy. No one could replace this tower.-(

The tower is special for only its lean, but maybe it has other secrets we don't know about. It has its lean.... But have they made any other mistakes instead of just that one..-( television networks web 14 december 2015.

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