Mrs. Kentops Weekly Newsletter

September 11, 2015

"Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11." President Obama

What a great first two weeks!

The students in Mrs. Kentop's classroom are off to an amazing start! I am so excited to get to see them grow this school year!

Extra year books for sale in the office!

There are extra year books that will be for sale in the office on the last day of school. If you didn't order one for your student they will be available on first come, first serve basis!


Our 4th grade class field trip to Madison is set for Friday, October 9th. We will be taking coach busses down there and the students will need to be to school by 5:45 am and picked up later in the day after the busses leave (approximately 5 pm). If you are interested in chaperoning and riding the bus you would have needed to fill out the paperwork that's attached to the below document by the beginning of this week. If you still want to chaperone and are driving, please still let me know. Thanks!


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Homework Planner Checked Nightly Please!

Find my website at This is where you would currently be checking the planner page for homework. If you go to more and click on the homework tab, and click on my link you will find it. Please check this nightly with your child. We have had a lot of late homework this first week. Starting next week, students will get a minor for their third late assignment.This is a 4th grade policy all teachers follow.

ALSO the students should be using the "calendar" in schoology to see their math homework from their other teachers.

Let me know if you have any questions!


We are currently rolling our our Daily 5 expectations. We are working on what we do when we are reading to ourself. It is important we pick a good fit book, we get started right away, we find a good reading spot with bubble space and we work on our reading stamina. Our classroom as a whole has gotten up to almost 20 minutes of reading stamina without getting distracted at all! I am proud of them for this!

In writing we had our first timed writing prompt on narrative writing. We use these to compare a beginning product and ending product and see how far they have come after being instructed in a writing unit.

Science/Social Studies

Social Studies will begin next week! We will be beginning our unit on Government!


We are working on place value. We are working on the following forms of numbers.

Standard form: 12,356

expanded form: 10,000+2,000+300+50+6=12,356

word form: twelve thousand, three hundred fifty-six

Feel free to practice these forms at home!


  • We have an all day robotics day on Monday, September 14.
  • Friday, September 18 is an early release.
  • Friday, October 9 is our field trip to Madison!