Brighton High School Library


Library News You Can Use!

Hello and welcome to a new school year....and some new changes!

New This Fall:

  • A new look! We've relocated some of the non-fiction books, and opened up the quiet study area on the second floor.
  • New furniture! We've added some new modern tables and chairs that will allow for a more 21st century feel!
  • Surface 3 Tablets! We now have a cart of Microsoft Surface 3 tablets that students may borrow to use in the library!
  • New Recording Studio! Coming soon....a new recording studio is being constructed and outfitted on the lower level!
  • New staff! We have added two new staff people! Please introduce yourself to Ms. Barnick, and Ms. Centrone. Both are recent college grads and are planning to attend graduate school for their Masters in Library Science.

Library Hours:
7:00 AM - 3:30 PM all school days

A pass is NOT required. We TRUST you!

Come to read, research, study, do homework, collaborate with classmates on projects, etc. All learning and independent reading activities welcome.

Go Ahead, BYOD!

Use your device quietly for learning. We TRUST you!

Mr. Enis, Loud Librarian

Mrs. Vandewege, Library TA

Ms.. Barnick, Library TA

Ms. Centrone, Library TA

Mrs. Beiter, Librarian

Mrs. Styk, Library Secretary

Also important to know ...

The library is a place for learning and reading.

To that end,
* The upper level of the library is for quiet, independent study.

* The lower level of the library can be used to study and work collaboratively in small groups in low, respectful voices.

BHS Library Mission Statement

The goal of the BHS Library is to ensure that learners graduate as competent, critical and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. It is our mission to prepare life-long learners -- information literate citizens who are able to: determine their information needs; recognize relevant and credible information; solve problems; effectively and creatively communicate the results of their inquiry and research; and share their stories.