Verification Process

School Nutrition Program UPDATED 10/5/2020

Verification Begins Oct. 1!

  • The Verification Process only applies to schools that process free/reduced meal applications. But ALL CEs must report student data.
  • SSO/SFSP CEs that accepted applications will perform the verification process too. Be prepared to collect the October 31 data for reporting also.
  • All CEs should proceed with reporting their October 1 application count based on the applications received to date. If no applications received input 0 for the number.
  • Non-Pricing schools (CEP/P2) - See Preliminary Report Data below for reporting data. The Preliminary Report must match the Verification Collection Report (FNS-742) in TX-UNPS, opens December 1, 2020.
  • Mark your calendar for deadlines.

Verification of Eligibility Deadlines and Required Actions:

  • October 1, 2020 Count of approved meal applications
  • Last operating day in October Count of students for annual Preliminary and SFA Verification Reports
  • November 1, 2020 Preliminary Verification Report (PVR) opens – TX-UNPS>Download Forms SNP-123 Verification Report Resources and email link
  • Per USDA, you may take longer than Nov. 15 to complete the process but all reports are still due upon due date. Verification Process Completed
  • December 1, 2020 Verification Collection Report (FNS-742) opens in TX- UNPS
  • February 1, 2021 Verification Collection Report (FNS-742) due

Preliminary Report Data

The count of students reported on the Preliminary Verification Report MUST equal the count of students reported on the SFA Verification Collection Report.

  • All CEs will need to count the number of students enrolled as of October 31st. This includes the number of students with approved applications and the number of students directly certified BY EACH CATEGORY.
  • The count of students with applications does not apply to RCCIs or sites that participate in CEP or P2. CEs that participate in CEP and P2 are required to report the count of students directly certified.
  • The Preliminary Verification Report will open November 1st and is due Monday, November 16th. This is a Jot Form in TX-UNPS Download Forms (SNP-123). A link to the form will be emailed to each child nutrition director.

UPDATED 10/2 TDA Sample Method Worksheet

See the TDA Sample Method Worksheet in the TXELMS Resources button below.

The worksheet has been updated to reflect the current SY date range for "Date direct verification was conducted".

  • This worksheet will verify the number of applications to verify and document all verification information for reporting.
  • If the Interval Number does not auto-populate in the Sample Method Worksheet, Go to Review > Unprotect Worksheet.
  • Not sure what method your CE must follow? Click on the R6 CE Verification Method button below.

Direct Verification - TXELMS

  • You do not have to conduct the direct verification process but if you do and the student is verified, YOU ARE DONE with the application!
  • For instructions see the TXELMS Resources button below.
  • The DV module can only be used to verify applications that are in the sample pool. You should not upload the current enrollment in DV to establish eligibility.
  • The direct verification module does not have any SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid records that are not in the DC module. It is the same data.
  • DV just allows access to the records for CHIP beneficiaries. As tempting as it is to search DV to find more students that would be eligible based on an application, you cannot use the data to make a recommendation that a household submits an application.
TXELMS Resources

TXELMS and Reports

Household Report Form

  • Don't forget to collect all correspondence and information for each household on the Household Report Form.
This form and all other letters for verification are located at the Verification Letters and Records button link below.


R6 CN Specialists

Julie Dorman

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, SNP/SSO


Cindy Scott

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, SNP/SSO


Dina Herrick

Child Nutrition Program Specialist, CACFP/SFSP


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This institution is an equal opportunity provider. This program is funded by the USDA.