Calico cat Celebration

A colorful companian

By Annie M.

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Calico Cat Facts

A calico cat’s color is usually orange, black, and white. They have four legs, and a very long tail. Calico cats are regarded as lucky charms and good luck. They are also believed to bring good fortune to families. Calico cats are friendly most of the time. They are playful, and very smart. They are relatively easy to take care of. They purr and are calm. They are so darn cute, and pretty.

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Fish Facts

Fish have six fins, a mouth, and two eyes. They have a lateral line and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Catfish have about twenty-seven thousand taste buds. Fish can swim really fast. They are calm and easy to take care of. Fish do not cost a lot. They are calm, colorful, and small.

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Pug Facts

A pug has two ears, and a small tail. Their color is usually tan and black. If you play with them, you and the dog gets exercise. A pug is a very childlike dog. Pugs are playful and are cuddly. They are cute and fluffy. Most of them are small.

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Bunny Facts

Bunnies have two large ears and a cute little puffy tail. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But they are usually white, black, and brown. They can hop very fast. Bunnies live long and are easy to rescue. They are quiet and need less space than others. They are trained easily and usually clean. Bunnies are small and fuzzy. They are so darn cute.

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Parakeet Facts

A parakeet is a type of bird. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They have a beautiful tail. They lay about five to seven eggs. They live five to ten years. They don’t cost a lot. They are easy to take care of. Parakeet are colorful and are small.

Calico Cats Favorite Finds

The reason why I chose this animal as one of my two is because they are colorful, playful, and so darn cute. I think this animal is special because it is regarded as lucky charms, good luck, and they are believed to bring good fortune. I have had one before. I will probably be really busy. If I have free time I can play with them if they want to be played with.

Fish Favorite Finds

The reason why I choose this as one of my top two is because they are calm and quiet. They don’t need a lot of attention and are very easy to take care of. I do not think they cost a lot. A special thing about this animal is that they tend to be easy in everything.

Calico Cat Adjective Wheel

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Fish Adjective Wheel

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Calico Cat Song

Tune: Silent Night

Calico cats, calico cats, calm and bright, small at night, colorful and faithful, calico cats, quiet and loud, calico cats, sleep with furry tails, sleep with furry tails.

Calico Cat Poem


Warm, colorful

Playing, amusing, daring

Something I have died for

Calico cat

Pet Supply Cost Table

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