Tyler Lipski Law Firm

What's Ahead

Say you were hit in your car because the Pillsbury doughboy blew the stop sign and hit you and you wanted to take it to court. If you were to come to my law firm with a complaint against someone we would go to court with that complaint. When you file that complaint you become the plaintiff and the person who you filed against would become the defendant. When the court accepts your case they will summon you for your trial. But before the trial starts there will be a pretrial conference. This is where your attorneys will meet and discuss the commencement of the trial. There are two other things that can happen before and during. The first one is mediation which is where before court there is another person who helps solve the issue. The next one is where the third party solves the issue for you so a jury. This is called arbitration. In court you have to back up the evidence this is called the preponderance of evidence. After the evidence is presented the defendant can do his pleadings. This is where the defendant can either plead guilty or not guilty. Or if the jury decides this will be called a verdict. A verdict is the decision if the defendant is guilty or not guilty. If you do not like the decision we can appeal to a higher court.