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SRC Learning and Teaching Newsletter


Welcome to the first of a new Learning and Teaching Newsletter.

The aims of the Learning and Teaching newsletter are to provide staff with information and practical/outstanding resources to use within their classrooms and strengthen Learning and Teaching across the college.

It provides a further opportunity for staff to interact with colleagues, raise the profile of learning and teaching development, celebrate and disseminate good practice developed

in-house and encourage and disseminate learning and teaching ideas.

The Newsletter will also brief staff on progress with preparing for the OfSTED inspection, which we know will take place at some time after 31st October, during the current academic year.

The newsletter will be published fortnightly and is distributed electronically on the web, via the Gateway and in paper format. It is a resource offering ideas, information and news for anyone who wants to know more about learning and teaching at Stockton Riverside College.

Who does what?

Learning and Teaching Development manager - Madeleine Massey

Madeleine's role as Learning and Teaching Development Manager will be to notify staff of the week in which their graded observation will take place, maintain centralised records and support staff to improve the quality of their teaching.

CPD Section

Training for Academic Staff - Team Clusters

Please book via


If you have not had the opportunity to attend the sessions provided during the August CPD sessions, please come along to the sessions below, or if you feel you need to refresh.

Think Learning

Watch out for this poster campaign, generating discussions around learning and teaching.

Did you know??

Stockton Riverside College has a Learning and Teaching Facebook group. This is open to all members of the College to share ideas, interesting links and websites and to celebrate success. It is a great way of extending the staff room and collaborating with colleagues. Want to join? Just click on the link, login to Facebook and request to join the group.

Worried about using Facebook professionally? Book some time with Paul Flynn who will be happy to advise about privacy settings and remember that this group is a closed group so anything that is posted on there can only be seen by other members of the group.

And finally...

  • The focus is on learning rather than teaching
  • But great teaching underpins great learning
  • And the key is great planning