OLLD Times

Issue 3 Volume 15.16

Getting to Know the Department

Christopher Martinez (Hall Center for Education)

Hall Center for Education is a different kind of school. I am Christopher Martinez and I teach history and online studies at Hall. I am a proud husband and father of a two year old girl and a three month old boy.

Both my wife and I graduated from Nimitz and have lived the lives that many of our students live now. This is my sixth year at Hall and I have seen lots of change in many ways, but our students have always been the same. They need extra help and have complex backgrounds. We get them caught up and graduated.

Recently we have increased our number of online from two to almost eight teachers, and I can see how it has transformed the way our school runs. Students feel more in control, more so than they ever have. Some of them have more confidence in their abilities and it is apparent that they can really achieve their goal of graduating, something that perhaps was not a certainty before. And I am sure that there are students like ours in our online labs throughout the district which makes me feel real proud of all the online teachers and hope that they all feel as encouraged as I do everyday I step on campus.

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Shanaya's Corner

Virtual School Updates

Thank you to all the lab teachers for the support and contribution to our Virtual School. In order for the Virtual School students to be successful, please make sure that they are checking their Aldine emails daily for Virtual School teacher correspondence.

Also, remember to include your Virtual School students on your spreadsheets as well. The spreadsheets do not require grades; however, we still need to keep a record of all the students in your classrooms.

We are working on delivering Virtual School posters to all the labs. These posters have pictures of the Virtual School teachers, email addresses, and the survey link for Virtual School. Please display this poster on a visible area in your lab where students can clearly see the information.

Student Course Completions!

These are the students who have completed courses already! The list grows by the hour!

  • Congratulations to Mr. Stuart Appleton (Hall) for having three completions already!
  • Congratulations to the teachers at MacArthur HS for also having three completions (Mayet and Hildebrand).

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I am already looking at the data from your spreadsheets. If you have not done so, update your spreadsheets, so I once again the data we are measuring is accurate.

If you are having difficulties with entering the data onto the spreadsheet, please send me (Isabel Hejazi) an email so we can troubleshoot the issue.

Student Withdrawals

Please take a moment to compare your SMS roster and your Online Tracking Forms. Remember that if a student is not on your SMS roster, you must select 'withdraw' from the Online Tracking Form drop-down menu.

Also, if you had already assigned a course for a student that has withdrawn your class, make sure that you disable the course in Edgenuity. This will ensure that our data and completion percentages are accurate.

Daily Presentation and Tracking Tools

I have been to several classrooms already to do observations, and I see many teachers are using a daily presentation to guide the students on how to properly use the Tracking Tools. Remember that these tools will guide students to plan their weeks and to track their progress.

I am sure students are a bit reluctant to use the Tracking Tools because they do not see the benefit in the long run. We expected this push back from the students since it requires more work from their part; however, it is vital that as teachers you monitor and make sure that students use these properly.

If you have not established a routine yet on how to use these, you can always reset your classroom and start incorporating these steps at the beginning and end of your class period.

Sense of Urgency

Online Learning must be very fast paced and students need understand that there is a clear sense of urgency in the classroom. Therefore, it is very important that teachers create this sense of urgency and that students understand that in order to succeed they need to focus every minute of the day.

You can create this sense of urgency by counting down how much time they have and reminding students that time is ticking!

Ms. Smith, Ms. Mayet, Mr. Papillon, and Ms. Hilderbran have a countdown set up in their projector and they are constantly reminding students how much time they have left. This is a great tool for students to visualize that they must progress in a fast pace.

PLC Meeting

We had our first PLC meeting on September 17th. I want to thank everybody who attended the meeting and shared their input. There was good attendance from the lab teachers, so we will continue having virtual meetings. However, we will have face-to-face meetings once in a while, and I will let you know when those times will be.

If you were not able to attend the meeting, please send me an email with a reason explicating why you did not attend. Remember that the first time you are not able to be present during a meeting, you must email me 24 hours in advance to let me know. The second time you miss a meeting, I will have to inform your appraiser of your absence.

I recorded the meeting and sent a video to all teachers so you are informed of the discussions.

Cell Phones

We are aware that we will constantly fight a battle with cell phone usage with students; however, with consistency and discipline I am sure that this issue can decrease. I have seen a tremendous progress on students not having their cell phones during class.

The teachers who have had success with this battle are the ones that are constantly monitoring the students and being consistent with all students. We are working on having an Online Learning Lab Standard Form that teachers can use to let students know that they will written-up if they are utilizing their cell phones during class time.

Students should NEVER have cell phones visible during class time.


Another important contingent factor for academic success in the Online Learning Labs is continuous teacher monitoring. During my visits, I am constantly over students' shoulders and I can quickly see if they are on non-academic websites, cell phones, or have been staring at the monitor without progressing.

Lan School is a great tool to use; however, it is not a replacement for teacher monitoring. Make sure you are constantly monitoring students and invading their space so they can sense your presence at all times.

Helping Students and Retakes

Teachers must follow the policy created in order to help students with their quizzes and tests.

1. There is NO help during pretests

2. There is NO help during 1st attempt at a quiz or a test

3. Teacher can help students on 2nd attempt at a quiz or a test

  • Student must provide thorough notes before getting help from the teacher
  • Teacher must demonstrate his/her thought process on how to arrive to the answer WITHOUT telling them the right answer
  • Teacher can tell students which questions they have wrong

4. Students are allowed up to 3 retakes on assignments or quizzes

5. Students are only allowed 2 retakes on a cumulative exam


The SLOs will include ALL of your students (IC and CR) on your SMS roster on the day you complete your SLOs. This snapshot of students will be your sample population. The SLOs will analyze the 1st course completion of these particular students.

This is another reason why it is crucial to have your spreadsheets up to date and accurate. The SLOs will be measured using data from the spreadsheets, Edgenuity, and SMS.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who do I contact?

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Events Coming Up

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There are many teachers doing wonderful things in their labs that not everybody gets to see. Thus, we will use this section to celebrate great teachers.

If you would like to add a Shout-Out to a teacher or anybody in the Online Learning Department, please email Shout-Outs to ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org

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