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October 2019

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Hidden River Farm, Angier NC

Neither pesky gnats nor after-effects of a hurricane spoiled our morning picking apples and pears at this family owned organic farm. In September, TVIs (Christina Tutton, Maryam Griffin, and Lori Persinger) along with Nancy Kirby Sauls, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, met with families to co-teach in the community by extending and using the “Apple Lesson Plan” to include picking pears, figs, and ju ju berries. We had a great turnout with 7 of our families in the ELSSP-VI program participating from 3 counties. The lesson was pre-taught at home prior to meeting at the farm, then there was the tree picking experience, followed up by a post lesson session. The Expanded Core Curriculum was covered in several areas within the context of the lessons – Orientation and Mobility, Compensatory Skills, Sensory Efficiency, Independent Living, Social Skills, Assistive Technology, Self Determination, and Recreation and Leisure. This farm is a family owned organic farm and has several other types of items to pick June - October i.e. blueberries in June, apples in July/August, pears in September, along with figs, persimmons, ju ju berries, and black walnuts later in the fall and almonds. “Mims”, the owner, was a wonderful guide for our students and gave our group the time to explore the trees, leaves, fruit, and just take our time as we picked different items from the trees. We even tasted the different things we picked. Hidden River Farm is truly at hidden gem. Fun was had by all!

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Paula Roten October 6

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