Spanish 2 November Newsletter

Learn Spanish! Noviembre = "Nov-ee-em-bray"

Día de los Muertos

We started off November with a Day of the Dead celebration! It is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the life and memory of the person who has passed rather than sadly mourning their loss. It is Señora Hansel's favorite holiday!
This month in Spanish 2, we have worked really hard on interpreting authentic texts and working on our speaking ability in the target language. We are able to understand and then share a simple story with few details completely in Spanish. We recorded ourselves and played back the recordings to hear what our Spanish accent sounded like. We learned the past tense of -AR verbs and direct object pronouns. Next chapter, we will learn the past tense of -ER/IR verbs!

Important Dates

November 20th: Chapter 9 test
November 25-27th: No school! Happy Thanksgiving!