an alien spring

story elements paragraph

an alien spring takes place in marnard it takes place in past time the main conflict that some thing strange happened in the little town of marnard it begins with a big ball of light that flys in the corn field and the corn field down to the ground.

character analysis

the main character is mark scoot he is angry at times and helpfull responsible he is really motivated by his dad his dad had a nerves break down and people call him retarded and other mean names but he dost mind he likes his dad for who he is i like mark alot because he dosent care what others say or do he just helps the new kid on every thing he helping out his friends teh relation ship between mark and his dad is really good they help each other out on every little thing and dont play around that much but they still love each other


the theme of the novel is dont judge a book by its cover mark heklps the new kid even though no body else wanted to help him out and he never cared what they would say about him when they make fun of his dad he dosnt say any thing he dosnt care he still loves his dad for who he is not just because he has problems and he never gives up on the people he cares about never


kids always make fun of other kids just cause the way they look and how they dress and what they do or even if its about there family and they never wana be friends with kids that rant like them . ive seen alot of kids get bulled and its not fun for them to wake up and go to school they hate it but they cant do nothing about that they just have to live through it but they can try