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You are our #1 priority, therefore we want to keep you informed of everything that happens in the middle/high school section and all of the amazing learning activities that your students are experiencing. In this newsletter you will find what we have done, what we are doing now, and what we are going to do! Let's see what the middle/high school students have been cooking!

أولياء الأمور الكرام

أنتم أولويتنا شعار رفعته مدرستنا، لذلك نريد أن نطلعكم على مجريات الأحداث في المدرسة الإعدادية والثّانويّة من أنشطة تعليميّة مذهلة ومتميزة يقوم بها طلابنا، ففي هذه النشرة ستجدون ما أنجزنا من فعاليات منهجيّة وغير منهجية، وما ننجزه في هذه الفترة، وما نحن بصدد إنجازه في المستقبل القريب، وهذه دعوة لنا جميعا لمتابعة المدرسة الإعدادية و الثانوية في مدرسة الديار الدولية وأنشطتها .

Midterm Assessment

Sunday, Feb. 14th, 8:30am

Middle and High School Section

Midterms will begin February 14-February 22. Check with your student's teacher for the schedule. Ensure your student is well prepared for the midterm assessment and get plenty of rest the night before.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Physics Class Update

Following a recent timetabling review and in order to maintain consistency, Ms Asia will resume teaching physics to 12M boys and 12A girls from Sunday 31 January.

Look out for below dates in February !

Why do we have 6th period?

The 6th period class (advisory group) is a mandatory class for intensive support in English and Reading. Teachers facilitate additional support/intervention activities on student levels as indicated by Fall 19/20 MAP (Reading) RIT scores and students are assessed at pre-determined intervals to measure progress and attainment.

Each Advisory teacher provides additional support in their specific area with a focus on Literacy. Some Advisory classes have support teachers who also work with students to help improve student achievement. This is a great opportunity for students to increase their English language, reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills and we would love to see our students grow in these areas!

From the College and Career Advisor - January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We have gone virtual for the past few weeks, but the action has not stopped. Through January and February we are conducting College and Career Advising workshops throughout the high school, and getting all HS students on-board with Unifrog, our dedicated University and Careers advising platform.

This is an especially busy time of year for our Grade 12s, the Class of 2021-, in addition to completing their University applications, they are taking EmSATs, IELTS, and other standardized tests and looking to finish strong in the last two semesters of their time with us here at Diyar.

Senior Year is challenging in the best of circumstances, and this is certainly not the Senior Year any of us had envisioned. I have to hand it to our Seniors for the way they have persisted and stayed on top of their plans throughout this pandemic. We have to continue supporting them through this busy time. With GRADUATION and those university acceptance letters just around the corner, as God wills we will have lots to celebrate in a few short months!

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Eric Steere

College and Career Adviser


Coming Up -

ONGOING - NAPO Registration for Grade 12 - NATIONAL STUDENTS

ONGOING - College and Career Advising Workshops - Grade 9-11


February 12th - Final Deadline to Register for March SAT

March 13th - March SAT at DIPS-Fujairah

March 24th - 8AM - 7PM - Virtual Careers Fair - UAE Careers Community


Between the Lines:

New Universities added to NAPO! Further supporting the range and quality of programs available to UAE students looking to continue their higher education in country, NAPO adds two new Universities to the registration platform, American University of Ras Al Khaimah and Rochester Institute of Technology - Dubai!

The College Board announces the end of SAT Subject Tests and SAT with Essay for international students - College Board Eliminates SAT Subject Tests and Essay | News | The Harvard Crimson ( - This will give extra importance to next year's Advanced Placement exams.


Do you have questions about your child's College and Career Plans? Schedule a virtual appointment with the College and Career Adviser!

High School Voices

Hend Saif, 11A, on peer pressure:

Many people unknowingly submit to peer pressure and make bad decisions when with their friends or take great risks when with other people. Most peer pressure victims are young adults or adolescents who may be afraid of being rejected or made fun of by others.

Avoiding peer pressure is not something so easy but here are some methods that everyone can use. First, choose your friends carefully because true friends will not push you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. When a situation begins to turn bad such as a group of people starts doing risky things, just try to leave the situation. Second, spend more time with people who resist peer pressure and who stand up for themselves. Remember that you could always ask for help by reaching out to a teacher, mentor, parent, or counselor.

People can feel the pressure to be ‘cool’ and get pressured to engage in illegal activities which leads to even more bad decisions. If you can see that people you know have vices take part in dangerous and prohibited activities, then it is better to stay away from them as early as possible. There is nothing wrong with being alone if it would be better for you. If you feel that something doesn’t feel right for you then, truth to be told, it is not.

Yousif Adnan, 11M, on peer pressure:

What do you think of when you hear the words peer pressure? How can you cope with it?

Peer pressure occurs in two ways. There is negative peer pressure and positive peer pressure. Both of these types of peer pressure impact adolescents. Negative peer pressure makes you reluctant to do things friends have pressured you to do. Through my own experience, I can prove that. I do things I would not usually do when my friends are around because I want to show my friends how fun and exciting I can be. But I do make better decisions when my friends are not around.

What do you do when you have peer pressure? When I have peer pressure I get out of the situation and think of a solution alone. I try to make it fair with everyone.

Does peer pressure affect friendships? Of course, it does! Friends who you trust and hang out with at school during the day and after that can be a huge source of peer pressure – either negative or positive. They can influence us negatively or positively, such as motivating us to be better at school and pushing us to develop our talents. Peer pressure plays a crucial role in shaping teenagers’ personality and character and can give them the requisite incentive to work hard and achieve their goals.

Ingy Ahmed, 12A, on an exciting part-time job:

Barista World

Cup, coffee, two pumps of caramel, creamer, serve a smile, and do you need anything else? I have always wondered what it would be like to be a barista in a coffee shop.

My love for coffee, tea, and all the coffee shops drink, is the reason behind my choice to go find a part-time job as a barista. I enjoy doing these things for myself; it makes me feel better, happier, and calmer which makes me believe that this place will suit me, and I will be able to draw a smile on my customers' faces. I would like to learn all the tricks and how to probably put whipped cream on something, and draw with the cream!

I always think about how they remember all the steps, all the ingredients, how to make all the drinks on the menu since what we usually make in our home is kind of different from what we get from coffee shops. They work so hard for long hours, they deal with different kinds of people, but they do their work with love and mastery.

In conclusion, I would like to know how the experience would be like if I worked in a cafe. I don't want it sugar-coated, I want how real baristas work.

Sheikha Shaikha Saleh Alsharqi, 12A, on why body-shaming is wrong

We live in a place where people come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so everyone should accept people for who they are and not for what they look like.

Body shaming is defined as a negative statement towards another person's weight or size. It is known in resulting in discrimination against individuals who may be overweight. There are many negative attitudes and stereotypes towards plus-size people in the media and other places. This has a huge effect on the person's attitude towards life and how they look at themselves, which can lead to the person having issues like an eating disorder or anxiety.

Even though body-shaming leads to so many disadvantages, it also woke the community up to stick up to those who are different, to speak up for those who are brought down, and to encourage others to love and accept themselves for who they are. People who were different started to be noticed and the communities started to accept those who are different.

Many people believe in many things that are worth fighting for. In my opinion, I believe in righteousness. Everyone deserves a chance, regardless of the color of their skin, their appearance, their beliefs, everybody deserves a chance. When given that chance, they might shock you in the most surprising ways.

If people constantly judge and expect the worst of others they will show their worst. Every time you meet someone new, you should meet them with a clean slate for them to fill in for you. In conclusion, never judge a book by its cover.

Hamad Saif, 12M, on the importance of telling the truth:

Truth is an expression, a symbol, or an affirmation that corresponds to reality and happiness. We always talk about the truth in our real life, how to fight for it, and what will be the results of knowing the truth after finding it.

Fighting physically isn't something would recommend, but there are a few things worth fighting for no matter what the cost. Fighting for the truth is common between people, and all people deserve to know the truth in everything, no matter how painful. All people need to know the truth, whatever it takes to have it. Fight for your right to the truth, and never let anyone stop you from knowing it. Some people fear that you will know the truth, so they will always hide it for their benefit.

Few people in this world don’t know that telling the truth has so many positive effects on our daily life. It makes you earn respect, it is a sign of love, it brings you peace of mind, and also creates deeper connections between people. All people need to know that these are things that result after telling the truth.

eSafety & eWellbeing - Diyar Online!

Diyar International Private School Fujairah is committed to safeguarding and promoting the eSafety and eWellbeing of children, young people, and all members of the Diyar community. Our community is spending more time online than ever before with Online Learning, and it is important we take care of ourselves in these online spaces. This month we highlight the DIPS-Fujairah Acceptable Use Policy, which ensures young people will be responsible users of technology and stay safe while using the internet. Read it here.

Ms. Yaquetta-Head of Middle/High School Section

Thank you for reading our Middle High Connection. Our goal is to keep you informed of all information in the sections. I hope you have enjoyed the writings from a few of our high school students. We are focused on increasing student achievement in reading and writing, therefore we hope to bring you more student work in next month's newsletter.

If you have any concerns about your student (s), please do not hesitate to contact me.