Fast Food's Link to Obesity

Based on the article by Kristin Lewis

For years, fast food restaurants has been providing cheap, speedy food for the people of America. However, while fast food can provide quick and easy calories for adults and children, people have been wondering if the health risks involved in are worth it.

Why Do We Eat It?

If most American's are aware that fast food isn't very healthy, then why do we eat it? For starters, fast food restaurants advertise their food in a way that makes it seem convenient, cheap, and delicious, leaving out the fact that the foods taste so good because of the ridiculous amount of sugar and fat in them. One Big Mac has an average of 9 grams of sugar and 33 grams fat, with a total of 563 calories. Studies have also shown that getting kids eating fast foods from a young age makes them more prone to do so latter on, causing the restaurants reach out to kids with colorful signs and toys added into the meals. All of this has led to America being one of the most obese countries in the world.

Super Size Me

Many Americans know that fast food isn't something to to be eaten daily, or even weekly, but the sugars in the food gives it an alluring effect. At the same time, those sugars and fats cause all manners of organ failures and weight gain. Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me worked to prove that. During the thirty days where Spurlock ate McDonald's food everyday, three meals a day, he gained twenty five pounds. Over the course of the experiment, Spurlock also experienced liver and heart failures. By risking his health, he successfully proved that the fast food industry is a big factor for America's overall obesity.
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Fast food isn't all bad. For people who do hard working jobs for little pay, it provides fast and cheap calories. However, people have to wonder if the health risks that come with eating the meals are worth it.