Dichlorodifluro Methane

By: Lauren Allison

Name and Formula

The chemical name is Dichlorodifluro Methane and it is a colorless gas.

Common name- Methylene Chloride

Formula- CCl4 + 2HF → CCl2F2 + 2HCl

Uses Of Dichlorodifluro Methane

Physical/Chemical properties


1) Sold under the brand name, Freon-12, used as a refrigerant and aerosol spray propellant

2) It's manufacture was universally band in 1996 because of concerns about damaging the ozone layer

3) It was used as an aerosol in medicines until it was phased out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and replaces by hydrofluoroalkane, which is not known to hurt the environment