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Why is it that you should move to Massachusetts and not New Hampshire or Georgia?

Well, let's just start by saying that everyone who deserves freedom should earn it, and people who do not deserve freedom should not deserve it. You should not move to Georgia because the people who are getting freedom should not be earning it, and the people in Massachusetts are earning it because they actually deserve to have freedom. You should also take into consideration moving to Massachusetts rather than New Hampshire because many people in New Hampshire cut down trees, whereas they did not do so much of this in Massachusetts.

Whatever you do in life, do NOT move to Georgia

First off, Georgia allowed slavery in the beginning years, and the fact they they even allowed it, is not a good thing because slavery is awful. Georgia was also willing to give a good life to debtors, and debtors are people who should be in jail because of the amount of dues they owe. The reason behind James Oglothorpe's founding of Georgia, is not a very good reason. Debtors should definitely be in jail, and it is not a good thing that Oglethorpe founded the colony for this reason.

If you've ever wondered what different quotes about Massachusetts have meant, take a look at this section

John Buchanan Robinson once said, "The Massachusetts Land Bank, during Colonial times, prospered, and brought prosperity to the community, until it was forcibly suppressed by special act of Parliament." If you have ever wondered what it means, please continue reading. This specific quote is trying to tell us, as the reader that Massachusetts worked together to have a healthier society, until they were forced to put an end to it by the Parliament. To this day, many still do not understand why the people of Massachusetts were forcibly suppressed by the special act of Parliament.

Whatever you do in life, do NOT move to New Hampshire

To begin, I would like to say that New Hampshire is not a very good place to live in when it comes to the nature factors. Captain John Smith was willing to give up land for some other people. Many people believe that giving land of your own away is less desirable because land is a good thing for planting crops, and I agree. New Hampshire is also not the best colony because some settlers did not care for raising animals, and this is kind of how New Hampshire was known. Many people in New Hampshire enjoyed catching fish, but how do we know that the people who caught the fish kept the water clean, we don't. This may have caused a decrease in residency numbers. You should not move here because many residents did not care for raising animals in the nearby areas, and everyone should care about the animals who live near them.

Whatever you do in life, I encourage you, along with many others to move to Massachusetts

Let's start off by telling you how great, and historical this colony is. Massachusetts pays a lot of attention to freedom, and who really should deserve it too. Many people in Massachusetts tried to make religion more freely by successfully working together. Having so much land in Massachusetts helped many plant crops, catch fish, and trap animals too. Planting many different crops was good for the Thanksgiving holiday. In Massachusetts, pilgrims were really pushing towards building an idea of perfect society in America. Even though the pilgrims had to travel for so long across the Atlantic, they fought for the freedom they thought they had earned. If you care a lot about religion, you should become a resident in this colony. Even if you do not care about religion, I still encourage you to move to this colony.

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Slavery is a condition in where a person is restricted from freedom. A pilgrim is a person who travels for religious reasons. A colony is an area of land that is controlled by another country. A debtor is a person that owes a lot of money, and should be in jail. A royal charter is a formal document giving a person power to establish a city or colony.