Horace Mann/Roosevelt Elementary

December 2022

The mission of Horace Mann/Roosevelt Elementary School

“Students achieving skills for a lifetime of learning”

School Improvement Goals

All students will demonstrate growth in the reading process.

All students will demonstrate growth in the writing process.

All students will demonstrate growth in the math process.


As we enter this holiday season…

We wish you peace, joy, and laughter.

Happy Holidays

HMR Families,

We want to personally thank you for the gift of allowing our team to work with your children every day. We are grateful for our partnership with you. The partnership between school and home is instrumental in enhancing student growth over the academic year. Our staff depends on your partnership to help our students reach their potential, guide them through social emotional moments, and work together to build and sustain a solid foundation for academic and life skills.

It is an honor to serve our families and students at HMR. This season, let’s focus on celebrating the small wins, our collective resilience, and our strength as we continue to work together for the sake of our children.

Much Joy, Laughter, and Love,

Mrs. Ostrom

Mrs. Shultis

Reindeer Games Student Shop

We will be hosting the Reindeer Games Student Shop this year. Students brought home information on Friday December 2nd. This will be our first year hosting this opportunity for our students to shop for their loved ones. The Reindeer Games Holiday Shops will be open the following dates and times:

Tuesday December 13th at the Horace Mann Campus 9AM -11AM and 2PM-4PM

Wednesday December 14th at the Roosevelt Campus 9AM-11AM and 2PM-4PM

Thursday Evening December 15th at the Roosevelt Campus from 5PM-7PM we will host our Family Event. We will be serving Hot Chocolate and Cookies and students can shop for their loved ones.

We do need volunteers for Tuesday December 13th both the 9AM and 2PM time slots as well as the Wednesday December 14th at both the 9AM and 2PM time slots. Please call Leandra Ostrom at 446-4604 if you would like to volunteer.

12 Days of Holiday Spirit...

Starting the 7th of December, we will be having special dress up days for the students until the holiday break. Here are the following dates and options for students to participate in if they choose to. Enjoy this time of year and let’s bring in the New Year with laughter and cheer!

Wednesday December 7th Wear your favorite holiday pants

Thursday December 8th Wear your favorite flannel shirt

Friday December 9th Wear your favorite holiday sweatshirt

Monday December 12th Write a special note of Thanks to someone today and deliver it

Tuesday December 13th Wear your favorite Holiday Socks

Wednesday December 14th Wear your favorite Green Shirt

Thursday December 15th Wear your favorite Red Shirt

Friday December 16th Wear your favorite Holiday Headwear

Monday December 19th Wear your favorite Holiday Sweater

Tuesday December 20th Wear your favorite Blue Shirt

Wednesday December 21st Wear your favorite Holiday Jewelry

Thursday December 22nd Wear your favorite cozy Holiday Pajamas

Orchestra/Chimes/Choir Concerts

The Orchestra, Chimes, and Choir will be having a concert in the Roosevelt Elementary Gym on Tuesday, December 6th, from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

They will also be at West Acres on Friday, December 9th at 6:00p

Join us for a fun night of music!

Winter Break!

Winter Break will be from Friday, December 23rd through Monday, January 2nd. There will be no school during this time and classes will resume Tuesday, January 3rd.


PTA will meet Monday December 12th on the Horace Mann Campus at 6:30pm.

Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Please remind your children to dress warmly for their walk to and from school as well as noon recess. Mittens, gloves, hats, snow pants, scarves and boots become essential for a North Dakota winter. We use wind chill temperatures to help us decide whether students go outside for recess. Our magic number is –10°F bundle up and get ready for winter.

Inclement Weather

The season of winter storms is upon us. We want you to know that we are committed to keeping our school children safe. When storm conditions develop Fargo Public Schools must make a decision to hold school or not. This decision is based on weather conditions that exist for the majority of Fargo students. If school is in session and it is your decision that your child should remain at home, that decision will be respected by the school.

If school is called off, Automated calls will be made to all families. Local radio and television stations will be notified as early as possible. School closing notices will also be posted on the internet via the weather section of In Forum. If storm conditions develop during the day and it is determined that an early dismissal is in the best interest of the students, the media will be notified and principals will proceed with an orderly dismissal of school. Elementary principals will dismiss students consistent with instructions provided on the emergency/weather school closing form.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding in this important matter. Be assured that the well-being of your children is of the utmost importance to us.

Attention GMail and Hotmail Users

Fargo Public Schools has received reports from families using GMail and Hotmail accounts that they may not be receiving school and district notification emails. These reports are only coming from parents with Hotmail accounts, but not every parent with a Hotmail account is having an issue. The problem appears to be related to how Hotmail “learns” to help manage incoming email for each individual. If you have a Hotmail email address and you think you might be missing school notification messages, please follow the steps in this linked document to create a contact/people entry for the noreply@fargo.k12.nd.us email address. That process will add the email to your “safe sender” list and help make sure you see all emails from Fargo Public Schools

McKinney - Vento

Is your family living in any of the following?

  • A shelter, motel, car or campground

  • With friends/family because you can't afford housing or have been evicted

  • On the street

  • In an abandoned building or trailer

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your child(ren) may be eligible for McKinney-Vento services. Please call Mary at (701) 446-2456 or email kruegem1@fargo.k12.nd.us to determine eligibility.



Never a topic we want to discuss, but something that we need to be informed about.

The Fargo Public Schools policy aligns with the recommendations of Fargo Cass Public Health regarding head lice (AP 4780): No Exclude from school until the end of the day the live lice were found and then the child must remain home until treated. Children should be treated for lice as soon as possible. Close contacts should be checked frequently for two weeks. Head-to-head contact with other children should be discouraged.

Due to the low risk of transmitting head lice at school and to maintain confidentiality, letters will NOT be sent to parents of classmates and classrooms will NOT be checked.

What do I Need to Know? Head Lice (Pediculosis Capitis)

What are head lice?

Head lice are small insects (less than 1/8 inch long). They range in color from red to brown, black, yellow-tan or gray-white. Head lice live on blood they draw from the scalp and lay tiny, gray/white eggs (known as nits) on a hair shaft near the scalp. The warmth from the scalp is needed for the eggs to hatch. Head lice are not known to spread disease.

Who is at risk for head lice?

Head lice infestations occur in all socioeconomic groups, are not an indication of poor hygiene, and can affect anyone.

What are the symptoms of head lice?

Most people who have head lice do not have symptoms at all. When symptoms do occur, the most common signs include itching of the skin on the scalp or neck where lice feed. Nits are glued to hair, commonly behind ears and at or near the nape of the neck. Scratching, especially behind and around ears and at the nape of the neck, may lead to open sores and a bacterial infection that also may cause swollen lymph nodes.

How soon do symptoms appear?

Symptoms appear when a live louse is present.

How are head lice spread?

Head lice are spread most commonly by direct contact with hair. Additionally, infested people can also spread head lice by sharing combs, brushes, hats, blankets, or sheets with others, but this is not very common. It can be spread only by live lice and not nits.

When and for how long is a person able to spread head lice?

Head lice will spread until they are treated with a chemical that kills lice and until the eggs have been killed or removed. Research has shown that removal of nits may not be necessary.

How is a person diagnosed?

Diagnosing head lice is done by identifying the presence of live lice or nits within 1/4 inch of the scalp. Identification of eggs and lice with the naked eye is possible; however, the use of a hand lens or microscope may help to confirm the identification.

What is the treatment?

Over-the-counter treatments and prescriptions that kill lice and most viable eggs are available. Follow the directions on the label. Re-treat nine days after initial treatment if not otherwise specified on the product label. Contact your health-care provider or local public health unit for more information.

Does past infection make a person immune?

No. A person who previously had head lice may get it again.

What can be done to prevent the spread of head lice?

Follow these steps to prevent the spread of head lice:

  • Avoid sharing headgear, coats, hats, hair ornaments, helmets, headphones, combs, brushes, towels, and bedding.

  • Combs and brushes should be washed in hot water (130 °) for 10 minutes.

  • Items that cannot be washed should be bagged and stored for two weeks.

  • Provide separate storage areas for clothing so that the personal articles of one person do not touch the personal articles of another.

  • When an infestation is found, check the hair and scalp of all household members and treat only those who have lice and those who share the same bed with the infested person.

Additional Information

For additional information about head lice, head lice removal, school exclusions, etc., contact the ND Department of Health, Division of Family Health at 800-472-2286.


American Academy of Pediatrics, [Pediculosis Capitis]. In: Pickering LK, ed. Red Book: 2009 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases. 28th ed. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics; 2009: [495-497}

CDC - lice - head lice - parents. (2013, September 24). Retrieved August 5, 2022, from https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/parents.html

North Dakota Department of Health, (2012). Head Lice; A Lousy Problem. Division of Family Health. pp. 1-30.

If you have any questions, please contact our school nurse.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports have been posted to your PowerSchool account. They can be found in PowerSchool under the Document Storage icon.

Dates to Remember!

December 6th

Fine Arts Concert - Roosevelt 6:30p

December 7th

Grade 3 Clay Project - Plains Art Museum 8:45a (Mrs. Morgel)

December 8th

Grade 3 Clay Project - Plains Art Museum 8:45a (Miss Thrash & Ms. Stadum)

December 9th

Fine Arts Concert - West Acres 6:00p

December 13th

Grade 3 Dictionary Distribution

HMR Sing Along

Fine Arts Concert Tour

December 16th

Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses 1:15p

December 23rd-January 2nd

No School!

January 3rd

School Resumes

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