Background Information

  • Starbucks was incorporated on November 4, 1985
  • The founders are Gordon Bowker, Jerry Boldwin, Zev Siegl and Howard Schultz is the CEO
  • Ethno Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattles Best Coffee, Tazo Tea, and Teavana tea are all subsidiaries of Starbucks
  • Starbucks competes in the Coffee Shop Industry
  • Krispy Kreme, Chipotle,Dunkin Doughnuts, Jamba Juice are main competitors

Factors of Production

  • The products that Starbucks offers are coffee, tea, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches, paninis, yogurt and fruit salads
  • They employ at least 191,000 people
  • Starbucks net worth is $70.65 billion

Financial Information

Stock Information

  • The symbol is SBUX and trades in NASDAQ
  • 52 week high- $94.83, 52-week low $67.93

News Releases

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

  • I would not still purchase this stock