Mutual Defense Alliance

Mutual Defense Alliance

A Mutual Defense Alliance is an agreement between countries saying that if they are attacked the allied country will help with their defenses.

The War

World War 1 was fought between two groups, the Central Powers and the Allied Powers.

The countries that made up the Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

The countries that made up the Allied Powers or Triple Entente were made up of, Britain, France, and Russia.

Over time though, the Triple Entente grew to 27 allies and associates.

Triple Entente

America During the War


America joined the Allied Powers in 1917 when their neutrality could no longer work.

The U.S. joined the war after a British passenger liner was sunk by a German submarine and with it killed 128 Americans.

Triple Alliance

This was a secret agreement formed in 1882 by Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy.

The treaty stated that if Italy were attacked by France, Austria-Hungary and Germany would would help help them with their defenses.

Also, Italy would help Germany if they were attacked by France.

Later Italy and France reached an agreement that they each would stay neutral in an event of an attack on the other.

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How it Happened

World War 1 started after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia starting a chain reaction with all of the countries allies. Once a country realized their allies were being attacked they joined the war to defend their associates.