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Keith Murdoch

  1. Birthdate 12/8/85
  2. Place of birth Melbourne
  3. Death 4/10/52He retired in 1949 and died on the night of 4-5 October 1952, having undergone several operations for cancer in the preceding years.

For what was this person best known?

The Keith Murdoch is best known for travel to Gallipoli and to write a letter to the government to stop the war.Rupert, Keith Murdoch was also a newspaper proprietor and journalist.


Spouse:Elisabeth Murdoch

Children:Rupert Murdoch

In June 1928 he married Elisabeth Greene and the following year acquired the Adelaide Advertiser


He talent is write letters to tell what happened in the war.Murdoch's account was in the form of a letter addressed to the Australian Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher.


He achievement of send the letter to the government save some of solider who survive the war.Murdoch gained permission to visit Anzac Cove, ostensibly to investigate alleged mismanagement of mail sent to Australian soldiers serving in the Gallipoli campaign. Later Murdoch agreed to hand deliver a letter detailing the mismanagement of the campaign from the British reporter Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett to the British Prime Minister Hebert Asquith. On route to London, Murdoch was arrested by French Military Police in Marseilles and the letter was confiscated from him.

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