Mexico Culture

Spanish I, Mrs Hutchinson, By- Luke Perrone

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What Kind Of Celebrations Do They Have?

They celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, And for the most part all the things that was we in the united states. But they have something called a Quincenera there, and that like a sweet 16 in the United States. Its when a girl turns 16 and has a huge party for it, but they also have something called cinco de mayo. Its not what day us united states people think it is, its actually on May 5th. Cinco De Mayo, Means Fifth Of May in Spanish.


On September 16th is Mexican Independence Day, And The Rest Is All The Same As The United States. Benito Juarez was the first Mexican president and his birthday is March 1st, in mexico his birthday is a holiday


Mexicans usually like to play a game called football in spanish but soccer in english. its basically when someone goes around and shoots a soccer ball to there teamates and try to make it in the goal, but if you wanna play you would have to have a lot of running time because the whole point of the game is non-stop running but at home they usually like to play "Spanish Words" in the US its that one game where you you put a lot of random letters in a box and secretly put words inside it. In the United States that game is called "Mix Up".