Vampire Knights

Jenny Do(5th period) & Sarah Ishtiaq(6th period)

Dracula (Jenny)

Jonathan retires to his room but only sleeps for a few hours. He uses his own small mirror to shave, and when the Count approaches Jonathan from behind Jonathan realizes that the Count has no reflection. Startled, he cuts himself with the razor. He checks again to be sure, and still the Count's image is absent from the glass. On seeing the blood dripping from Jonathan's cut, the Count seems to become possessed, clutching Jonathan around the throat, growing calm again only when his hand touches the beads of Jonathan's crucifix. Jonathan continues to have the same block: he observes remarkable phenomena, but he cannot put them together. An interesting character in here is Dracula because he makes Jonathan found out about his unnatural strength but leave him clueless about he is a vampire. The novel could end differently if Jonathan found out that Dracula is a vampire at the beginning when he first came to live in the castle and try to kill him before he even approaches Lucy and Mina so they don’t have to go through those hardships with Dracula and going through the process of turning into a vampire while becoming extremely pale.

Vampire Lucy (Jenny)

Mina looked towards the hill where the seat was located and, under the light of a beautiful moon, she saw something long and black bent over the half reclining figure. Mina raced to the spot. When she approached the seat, Mina called to Lucy in fright, and the thing raised a head. Mina could see a white face and red, gleaming eyes. By the time Mina reached the seat, Lucy shuddered and covered her throat with her hand. Mina threw her shawl over Lucy to warm her, and Lucy pulled the shawl up about her neck as though she were cold. Mina accounts for the two puncture wounds in Lucy's throat as the result of pin pricks caused when Mina was trying to pin a shawl around Lucy's exposed neck. Mina then escorts Lucy back home and puts her back to bed. Lucy looks better to Mina than she has for weeks. Mina berates herself for wounding Lucy with the safety pin. Lucy casually laughs off Mina's concern. An interesting character in here is Lucy because even though all of that happens to her, she still wants Mina to keep it secret and she even looks better than before or laughs off Mina’s concern. The novel would end differently if Mina found out earlier that the wound on Lucy’s neck was the teeth mark from a vampire then Lucy wouldn’t turn into a vampire later on and die.

The Dead Babies (sarah Ishtiaq)

The dead babies that were mentioned in the book were supposedly found.The New England is full of 29 burials or cemetery were of the 1700's and early 1800's.Many of dead were children.They were laid in thrifty Yankee style, in simple wood coffins, without much clothing Their arms were resting by their sides or crossed over their chests.Archaeologist researched one of the graves where the most incidents and rumors occur over vampires.When they dug one of the graves,they found the skeletal feet perfectly in anatomical position and the coffins was smashed.The rest of the body was rearranged.The skeleton was beheaded. Beheading and the other injuries occurred roughly five years after death. The death of the babies occurred at the same time period as the book. This conveys that this mythological book of vampires might be true.

Lucy ( Sarah Ishtiaq)

One of the most interesting characters in this books was Lucy.She was one of the main victim of Dracula.She suffered a lot throughout the story. She was attacked, seduced and died because of Dracula. If she wasn't the victim of Dracula, he probably wouldn't have been dead in the end of the story. The main people who killed the Dracula were related to Lucy. The four men who proposed Lucy played a big role of killing the count Dracula. If she wasn't a victim and got married, this story would've been different.The Dracula would've still lived and Jonathan would've died without others help.
The Vampire's Lament (cartoon)
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