Harbour Island Pink Sand Beach

By: Jordan Quast


Continent: North America

Country: Independent Commonwealth (not part of one)

Latitude: 25.5 degrees north

Longitude: -76.6 degrees west

Type of Beach

Passive Coast: It isn't close to any tectonic activity & exists far away from a plate boundary.

Secondary Coast: It's features are created by marine forces. Foram, bits of coral reef, and broken shells formed the beach.

Submergent Coast: It has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence. The tides and weather (wind) have altered this beach over the years. The beach has also gotten way narrower than it was many years ago.

Sand Color and Origin

-Pink Sand

-Sand derives from a single celled organism called Foram

-Foram grow red shells and mix with the white sand creating the pink color sand.

-Beaches are made of a mix of Foram, coral bits, broken shells,and calcium carbonate.

Features of the Pink Beach

- Stretches 3 miles long in Harbour island, Bahamas.

- Protected by a coral reef.

- Turquoise extremely clear water (can scuba dive and snorkel).

- many luxurious resorts

- very calm water, and barely any wave movement.

- "Fast drift dive"