Going Google

Volume 4 - Color in Google

Google Tip #1 - Color Labels in Gmail

Do you make your boss bright red? Should your coworker be green? In Gmail they can be! If you haven’t discovered the wonders of labels yet, let me entice you even more with colors. When you color a label, and place it on an email you have created an easy way to identify emails from the specific senders. Here’s how to color your labels after they are created. (Note: if you are not sure how to create a label, here are those those steps)
1. On the left side bar of Gmail, click the small square to the right of a label.
2. On the pop out box select the label color.
3. You can add a custom color if the 24 provided aren’t enough.
Now when you add the label to an email, the label name will appear in a box of the designated color.

In your email, you will see the colored labels next to the subject:

Google Tip #2 - Paint in Drive

Whether you are in a Google Document, spreadsheet or presentation, you can use the paint format to copy the formatting you have already done to a specific hunk of text to additional hunks of text on your document. Let’s see it in Action.

In my Google Document, I have labored and made the word “Color” a specific size, color, bold, text background color and style. Now, I want to make all of the other color words in my document look exactly the same. So, here’s how I do it:

  1. Click to highlight some of the text I want to copy the formatting of
  2. Click the Paint Format icon twice
  3. Paint over the words I want to replace with my formatting
  4. Click the Paint Format icon again to toggle it off.
Note: if you are going to paint just one item, you can click the paint format icon once then you will not need to toggle it off.

Google Tip #3 – Color an Event in Calendar

Something important coming up that you want to stand out amongst the rest? Do you have an amazing technology lesson planned that you are so excited about? Make your event stand out! Color your event in Google Calendar. Here’s how to do it!

1. Create an Event. (If you need help in how to create an event try these steps.

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