Marylan Ochoa 6/


The food web

In this diagram you can see 9 animals that are apart of this food web. The 2 animals that are in control are the halk, and the fox. The halk eats the lizard the lizard eats the tarantula. The scorpion eats the insects. The fox eats the snake the snake eats the rodents.

Their are a lot of positive ways we as humans impact the environment. Some positive ways are wind turbines and solar energy generators can help meet local electricity needs and take some of the load off the powe grid. A few negative ways are removing trees,and other plants to increase ares of construction causes by doing that we are taking a way habitats from the plants and animals and threating the surving of numerous species of animals and plants. And my last point is using fertiliziers, insecticides to increase production. Actually it pollutes the air and and water so all the pollution I'm the water kills all of our aqutic animals that still have not been discovered.