Protect Your Credit

Protect you credit against dirty theives.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is when a cyber criminal takes someones personal information for financial gain.

Ways to Protect Yourself.

  1. Try not to use your credit and debit cards everywhere.
  2. Keep an eye out on your checking account and your credit report.
  3. Keep a freeze on your credit account.
  4. Have a bank with the best fraud monitoring.

What not to carry in your wallet.

  1. Social Security Cards
  2. Passports
  3. List of pins and passwords
  4. Membership Cards of any kind

Things to do to Raise a Credit Score or Maintain a Credit Score.

  1. Try not to miss any bills or payments of any kind.
  2. Try to not use your credit card too much.
  3. Ask to get your credit limit raised.
  4. Don't close a card.