VLAC Family News

January 31, 2023

Upcoming Dates

  • January 31-February 3rd: VLAC and Lincoln teachers grading and entering final grades.
  • February 6th: Semester 1 Grades posted to MISTAR.
  • February 8th-14th: Count Week 1. Students must complete two way interactions with VLAC mentor teachers.

VLAC Second Semester Pacing Guide

As we wrap up first semester we are aware some students are done with their courses and want to move on to second semester already. Please use the pacing guide below for second semester courses. Reach out to your mentor teacher if you have any questions.

Upcoming Count Weeks

In virtual programs in the State of Michigan we are required to complete two count months per year. The second count month begins in February. Count weeks are from Wednesday to Tuesday. Students will complete a "two way interaction" with their teachers each week ASAP when their mentor teacher posts their interaction on Google Classroom. Students who we do not have interactions complete will be contacted by VLAC office staff; if we are unable to contact you we will notify your district who may then decide to take further action. Districts pay student tuition to VLAC and it is up to them if you do not participate in count and they want to remove you from the program as a result. Please participate during count month as it is very important to us to provide this service for our districts.

Welcome Baby Adelaide and Congrats Gray Family

VLAC teacher Jennifer Gray and her husband welcome Baby Adelaide in late December. Our staff is so excited to have a new VLAC Family Member!!! Mrs. Gray will enjoy a well earned maternity leave and join us again toward the beginning of March. While she is away, experienced VLAC teachers Mrs. Fowler(taking 4th Grade), Mrs. Mullins (taking 3rd Grade) and Mrs. Dowgiallo (taking 11th Grade) will be taking care of our students. 4th and 5th Grade students have the option of joining Ms. Morrison's live lessons.

Welcome Kristi McAllister VLAC Special Populations Consultant

VLAC is thrilled to have Mrs. Kristi McAllister join our team! Mrs. McAllister is the VLAC Special Populations Consultant.

Kristi has a background in special education teaching. She has a variety of teaching experiences that prepare her to succeed in her role. As we begin to shape this new role we intend to solicit family feedback on what ways she can best support you. At this time several supports we can offer are:

  • Explaining the VLAC program to district personnel, families and students

  • Collaborating with district staff to ensure VLAC is an appropriate placement for students enrolling

  • Attend IEP meetings along with VLAC general education teachers

  • Connect families and students with resources to succeed in virtual learning

  • Accommodated State Testing

Please feel free to reach out to Kristi as your point of contact for students in Special Populations: kristi.mcallister@oakland.k12.mi.us

Updates to Allowed Websites

Recently our teachers have experienced an influx of families asking that access to certain websites on VLAC devices be blocked. If technology blocks a website for one user they have to block it for all VLAC students. After conferring with our technology department and local districts we learned that many block certain websites which are the same that were requested from our families. We are going to block Cashapp; Facebook; Instagram; TikTok and Venmo.

Upcoming 5th and 8th Grade Field Trip

VLAC has an amazing upcoming opportunity for our 5th and 8th grade students! Students will have the opportunity to learn more about career readiness and what interests them as well as why it interests them. Students will move through 6 stations where they are exploring, developing, and learning through hands-on materials. Please fill out the form below to secure your spot. The Stem-i event will take place on Thursday, February 23 in the Oakland Schools' Main Campus parking lot (2111 Pontiac Lake Rd, Waterford, MI). More information will be provided regarding your exact 40 minute session time, but you can expect your time slot to be between 9am and 12:40pm. This event is free for any VLAC 5th or 8th grade student. If you have multiple students in VLAC in grades 5th and 8th, please fill out the form once for each child. Reach out to andrea.becker@oakland.k12.mi.us for any additional questions.

Click this link to reserve your spot: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKkp_CTM_qZXkJpT1hTCCYfXUVLVsuJIRdmmAPIKDhfYLoLQ/viewform

State Testing Dates

VLAC Students take required state tests in person at our Waterford location. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

March 14 WIDA for students designated as English Language Learners

April 12: SAT 11th Grade and 8th Grade PSAT

April 13 ACT Work Keys 11th Grade

April 18 9th Grade PSAT and 11th Grade Science and Social Studies M Step

May 1-May 5 3rd through 8th Grade M Step Testing

More communications will come out after winter break regarding testing.

K-8 Lincoln Extensions

K-8 students who did not meet the 1/27 end of semester one deadline were granted an extension of semester one courses. All semester one courses will expire on 3/31 and students must have all graded assignments completed by this extension deadline. We will not be able to offer another extension of semester one classes beyond March 31. Reach out to your VLAC mentor teacher if you have questions.

Contact the VLAC Team

Amanda McKay, Ph.D. Director VLAC 248-804-4366

Andrea Becker VLAC Lead Instructor 248-209-2079

Tina Bennett: VLAC Project Assistant 248-209-2071

Mary Kotcher: VLAC Office Assistant 248-209-2071

Technology Support: 248-209-2060