Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of November 4th and November 12th

Important Dates


Girls on the Run for 3rd and 4th

3rd to CSUSM Puppet

5:30 Mano a Mano Parenting Class in Spanish


Stephanie out

3:15 Yoga

3:20 Synergy-New Teachers


1:00 Stephanie to DO

4th to CSUSM

10:00 NTS Meeting

Girls on the Run for 3rd and 4th

PLC Meetings


3:20 Synergy Training-Prior Users


CSUSM Nursing Students on campus with running club

Flag Salute-Upper

1st- Library

Recess Soccer Clinics


Veteran's Day - NO School


3:15 Yoga

6:00 PTO Meeting


8:00 School Site Council

8:30 ELAC

No PLC Meetings


3:15 Food Pantry- MPR

3:15 Student Council

5:00- Family Portraits for PAWs Passport Families

5:30 Parent Nutrition Class


8:45 Family Friday

Recess Soccer Clinics

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Quote of the Week- "You can change your world by changing your words."
  • Nestor, a second grader, came up to me after school literally jumping out of his skin. "Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Wallace I am a N! That is what I needed to be by the end of Trimester 3, not Trimester 1! I passed all the levels!" He was so incredibly proud of himself (as was I of him).
  • Monica Duenas was doing a math problem on the board and inadvertently made a mistake without realizing it. One of her students raised her hand and said- "Hey that is not correct, that can't be the answer!" What a great example of students attending to precision.
  • Overheard by a teacher- our YOGA teachers were walking to their car talking to each other when one says to the other, "This is the NICEST school I have ever been too. The kids are so nice to each other."
  • Kayley V, as student from last year, came up to say hi to Mrs. Harris and I. She said, "Oh, hi, I still remember you!." Mrs. Harris said, "We sure hope so, it has only been 5 months since you attended here." K replied, "Well yeah... Mrs. Hairrris (pointing to her hair) and Mrs. Wallace (making a motion like a there was a wall)." Oh Kayley, you are still making us smile!
  • Some 1st graders came to me for ROAR sigs and said, "You interrupted us, we were just decomposing our numbers...I need to get back."


  • YEAH- we have hired a new librarian! Her name is Dylane (said Dylan) Fink. She comes to us from the east coast. We are excited to have her join our SME team and start soon!
  • Starting on Monday, we will be collecting items for the raffle baskets. Your grade level has the same theme as years past. Letters have been put in your boxes. PLEASE mention this at parent conferences and talk it up with your kids. We would like families to contribute to these baskets.
  • Wheel schedule varies per grade level this next week (everyone is kind of in a different place). Please decide where you are at and which topic you will cover during wheel based on info below.
  • Teachers- please ensure you are completing your attendance each morning as soon as possible. It is SUPER important to be 100% accurate on Synergy. Our attendance is audited regularly and we have to keep on top of this everyday. Your attention to detail in this will greatly help out Rosie every day, thank you.
  • No Wheel the week of parent conferences



  1. Smarter Balanced Assessment (approx. 45 min)
  2. F & P testing/data entering- varies per grade level
  3. Writing Action Plan from web conferences- varies per grade level
  4. Quick explanation of Trimester Award (5 min.)


  1. Cutout Maker Training (30 min)
  2. Depth of Knowledge Study (approx. 20 min) (*Classroom Observations Postponed)
  3. Parent Conference Prep Time


GREAT examples of sentence frames for math. Thank you Matthew for sharing these with us!

Parent Conferences

These two links provide you a parent friendly explanation of the new Common Core Standards. They have examples of math problems and the expectations for the year for their children. You can use these during parent conferences if you would like to help parents understand the change we are going through this year.


New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

Best App of the Day: Move and Match


Why computer programming?

In recent years, there's been an increased focus on STEM subjects in schools, including science, technology, engineering, and math. Computer programming is an extension of that focus.

What skills are learned through coding?

Computer programming relies on the use of sequencing and logic, skills that are useful throughout a student's school career. Many subjects, including history and math, consistently ask students to methodically and critically analyze content to find answers. Coding can also be a very collaborative and creative venture, with students working together to solve a problem or create an action. All of these skills extend far beyond the classroom.