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Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.

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Happy Secretary's Day

Wednesday is the official day to recognize secretaries around the nation, but here at Winskill, Kim and Jody truly deserve to be recognized every single day. Okay, multiple times a day, but then none of us would get any work done. I have always known that the school secretary was one of the most important people in an organization. They are the ones who keep everything running smoothly, often making it look effortless, when in reality, they are juggling a dozen things at once.

I am so very grateful for all that they do, not just for me, but for each of us at Winskill. They truly keep our world spinning. If you have a question, they have (or will find) the answer. Need a sympathetic ear? They've got your back. Band-aids? Check. Ibuprofen? Check. Substitute? Check. A copy of the invoice for those special pencils you ordered two years ago? Check. A silly joke or funny song to start the day with a smile? Check. The ability to handle a last minute request/change without freaking out? Check.

They say that first impressions are lasting ones- and that's a good thing for us. Both Jody and Kim welcome visitors to our school with friendly smiles, and graciousness, even when the visitors themselves are not being especially gracious. And they do it all with the intent of doing what is best for the children, families, and staff of Winskill.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about just how blessed I am to work with these two ladies- two of the hardest working, most flexible, kindest, and most loyal people that I know. Also... just a little bit crazy. In the very best way.

Please join me this week in celebrating Kim and Jody and in expressing our appreciation for all they do for us.

Superheroes Dancing to Uptown Funk Parody

#HIghFives and #Fistbumps

#Highfives and "Thank you" to everyone who came to our scheduling meeting on Thursday. While our lack of a product might seem at first glance defeating, I am grateful for the staff members who were able to come and share their voices, ideas, and outside of the box thinking. Please keep pondering what the lunch and recess periods might look like for students AND staff. Ask what others do at their schools- it can't hurt and it may lead us to a new way of doing things!

#Fistbumps to Missy Sperle, David Bridge, Jenni McCabe, Patrick Ralph, Annalee Mantay, Michelle Roesch, Jessica Clifton, and Heather Baker for their efforts on Saturday morning in response to the senseless vandalism of our school grounds. They helped to untangle swings, clean up garbage, and clean up the trampled flower beds. We have made a report to the police department and Dan has capped the metal pipe and covered it with a cone for students' safety (please remind students to NOT remove this cone). (One of the "mushroom" stepping stones was taken off of it's base and thrown up on the roof of the 4K entrance) I am working to order a replacement piece for our playground area. If you should hear any information, please contact me as soon as possible.

#Highfives to our 3rd and 4th grade students and teachers who have ventured into the cold and scary waters of the Badger Exam. Your positive spirits are greatly appreciated and have done a great deal to alleviate the stress of our students. The time that was taken to give the children a bit of exercise and fun, both before and after the test, also helped a lot.

#Fistbumps to our younger students and their teachers for the positive notes and locker decorations. Those are the special kinds of things that really can make a difference!

#Highfives to Michelle Roesch and Tina Stimpson for helping to make it possible for students to have alternative settings and other accommodations.

#Fistbumps as well as to all of the staff for being flexible and understanding during this testing period. Without your support, the Badger Exam window would look and feel very different for our students and staff. "It takes a village..." certainly fits this time period and every Winskill Villager is greatly appreciated.

Looking Ahead


4/20/2015 Make it Magical Monday!

3-5 RtI in Tina's room

Friends of Winskill Movie Night @ Grantland Theater

All help is appreciated! Helpers at 5:00; show will begin at 6:00

4/21/2015 Tutus & Ties Tuesday

3:30 Summer School meeting- Presentation Room- any teaching staff interested in being a apart of Summer School 2015

6:30 pm DARE Graduation at Hilary Auditorium

4/22/2015 Wildly Wonderful Wednesday

Earth Day

Rural Schools Conference- held at Lancaster High School

Secretary's Day

3:30 Faculty Leadership- Library

4/23/2015 Thick or Thin Thursday

4th Graders Planting Trees in Baus Park

3:30 Alison's Shower

4/24/2015 Fabulous Friday

3:40 Wellness Committee Mtg @ MS

4/27/2015 Make it Awesome Monday

1:45 Pizza Party: Lange, Brunton, Hinderman, Sperle, Johnson, Martin, Enloe, Bussan & Moefu 2:15 Pizza Party: Ingebritsen, Marenes, Ralph, Schaefer, Pross, Lawinger, Addison, Price & Roesch

PALS assessment window opens today.

Missoula Tryouts at Winskill in Presentation Room & Gym 1 @3:30

K-2 RtI meeting- Jodi's room

4/28/2015 Take it to the Top Tuesday

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

4/29/2015 Wonderful Wednesday

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

Leah out

4/30/2015 Thrilling Thursday

Missoula rehearsal at LHS

5/01/2015 Freaky Friday

Missoula Performance at Hilary Auditorium- Time to be announced

5/04/2015 Monday, Monday

3-5 RtI Mtg- Tina's Room