Bookin' the Holi-daze

With our mind on the money and the money on our mind

Hold up - WHAT?!

Are we talking holidays already?! YES - we are! Why? Because what you do NOW is going to set you up for HUGE success this holiday season! Trust me when I say that the SKY IS THE LIMIT these next three months and planning ahead is key. If there was ever a time to blow up your business - IT'S NOW!

Did you know that we are now in the season where more than 40% of our yearly sales occur? Did you know that's AWESOME!? With the launch of LEGGINGS and a new holiday line right around the corner, it's going to be an incredible holiday season for Stella & Dot!

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Snoop Dogg?!

Yes. I went there. ;) I am not a huge rap fan, but who doesn't love the D-O- double G? And in his very prolific lyrics -

We've got our mind on the money and the money on our mind.

As women we often shy away from talking about money, but it's time to change that script and own it. MONEY = FREEDOM. There is no upper limit on the opportunity in this business. The only thing holding you back is YOU. And it's time to turn that around.

Why? Because THIS IS THE TIME that you can make a HUGE difference in your financial life. THIS IS THE TIME that you can reignite your business after a slow year. THIS IS THE TIME you can decide to put all excuses and fear and worry aside and dig in and make AS MUCH money as you want.

We are going to have FUN with this. And not only will you be earning money on that little blue card, but your Glowing Stones leaders want to help you layer it up with STRAIGHT UP CASH HOMEY.

What will you do with it? Debt-free Christmas? Trip in the new year? Paying off a credit card? House renovation? School tuition? Whatever it is - it's within your reach IF you decide to start DOING.

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You have TWELVE DAYS (9/28-10/10) to book TWELVE TRUNK SHOWS for this Fall (to be held between 10/1 and 12/15)

Current trunk shows already booked in your Stylist Lounge count towards the incentive! (all shows must be qualified with at least $300 in sales in order for the prize to be given!)

We're going to reward you as you work toward your ultimate goal of 12 Style Sessions with some cash prizes along the way!

  • 4 Style Sessions booked- you're entered to win $100
  • 8 Style Sessions booked - you're entered to win $100
  • 12 Style Sessions booked - you're entered to win $200

***These levels stack up, so if you have 12 booked you are entered to win ALL THREE prizes!

Save the image above to your phone, and then open it in Mimi to add your booked dates in.


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Imagine this:

If you booked 12 trunk shows and each of these shows had 10 guests and you sold $1000, you would:

--have an average of 4 trunk shows on your calendar for the next 3 months
--would earn $3600 (12 shows at $1000/each = $300 in commission per trunk show)
--would be meeting 120 new customers (10 guests at each trunk show) that you could go on to book future trunk shows with or sponsor

For your viewing pleasure - also could be titled "Snoop does not belong in the suburbs" ;)

Can you do it? OF COURSE YOU CAN!

We have so much support waiting for you on our Glowing Stones Facebook page!

Every day there will be a bite-sized step for you to take to get closer to filling up those 12 days, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

TODAY we are kicking off a video training series where two Glowing Stones will coming to you LIVE with booking topics.

ALL the support you need is here - now it's up to you to DIG IN and GO GET THAT MONEY!

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Krista & Your Glowing Stones Leadership Team

*Fine print for the Bookin the Holi-Daze Incentive:

  • All trunk shows fmust be qualified with $300+ in sales in the Stylist Lounge by the time the trunk show closes.

  • The winner will be drawn & announced on a special team LIVE FB video when the incentive is over.