We the People

By: David, Helen, Curt, OLivia, and Sibley

About The Candidate

We the People's candidate is Oliver James. "OJ" is his nickname. "OJ" has been in politics for 16 years. He is a republican and has many wonderful plans for our nation if he wins the election. He plans on fixing our economy, education, and health care.

(Helen Carson)

About Us

We the People has been in buisness for 8 years. We have been labeled the best political party of the time. Our symbol, the owl shows wisdom like the people of our country. Remember, Don't Stop Hootin'!

(Helen Carson)


Come to our Convention on October 25 at 3:14 at 123 Main Street New York, NY.

(David Stone)


We the People interview James Katona to hear his opinion on our party. He believes that We the People is the best political party.

(Curt Gann)